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Want to save money on your next holiday?

We’ve spent some time listing helpful tips on how you can make your money go further on your next holiday. Here's our top 10.

Find our best value trips

We’ve put together a selection of adventures, family and non-family, which are all under £1,000 per person inc flights. Remember all accommodation, transfers, transport and entrance fees along with a selection of meals are included within the price.

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1. Book early

Flights are normally the most expensive element of the trip. We have prearranged special rates with airlines, which we use when quoting prices. However, from three months prior to departure we have to hand back unused seat allocations. Booking later means we purchase places in the open flights market, which can mean flight supplements and higher prices!

2. Buy your own flights

We offer every trip with or without flights. You may have air miles or some perks which means you can save if you book your own flights. There are also certain short and mid haul destinations, such as Marrakech & Toulouse where you can purchase flights with low cost carriers. A good site is www.skyscanner.net Or let our Travel Consultants find alternative flights for you for free.

3. Buy in bulk and stay loyal

As a way of saying thank you, every time you book again with us we'll reward you. If you're a family we'll give you 5% off when you book again and another 5% off if you book six months early. If you're one of our adult (worldwide) customers we'll give you the following:

  • 2nd trip £50 outdoor kit & clothing voucher per person if you book within 12 months of returning from your first (£25pp if the booking is under £1,100).
  • 3rd trip £50pp off your trip (£25pp if the booking is under £1,100)
  • 4th trip £100pp off your trip.

4. Be a savvy seasonal traveller

If you're flexible avoid the traditional busy periods, eg the school holidays. During these periods the cost of flights and accommodation generally goes up. If you can not avoid these periods it’s best to book as early as possible.

5. Get a group together

Get a group of 6-10 people together on a trip and you'll save £50pp. Organise 11+ on any trip and one person goes free.

6. Extra value

To help you prepare for your trip, once you’ve made the booking you’ll get discounts with a variety of retailers.

7. Don’t buy, hire

If you see specialist kit on the packing list, hire it. You can save £100s on things like sleeping bags, crampons or ice axes. We can organise this locally on some trips or you can go direct to www.trekhireuk.com   

8. Spending Money

Avoid the airports and set up an account with an online provider they will reward your loyalty and offer better buy-back agreements. We do not recommend taking credit cards, as it’s likely they may not be accepted as you travel off the tourist trail. It’s worth reading your Trip Notes or speaking to a Travel Consultant to determine how much you’ll need, thus avoiding bringing a lot of cash back. Remember on our trips most things are included.

9. Look out for special offers

As well as offering loyalty and early booking discounts, we have plenty of special offers. Check out our Specials page.

10. Source the best value destinations

Check out exchange rates before you decide where to go. Choose a destination which ranks highly on the post office's best value destinations survey such as Spain, Bali, Vietnam or Sri Lanka.