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Egypt Adventure

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2. Gentle
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Africa, Egypt, Middle East | 9 days
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Transport - Minibus, overnight sleeper train, felucca, camel, donkey, on foot. 

Accommodation - Comfortable Hotels (5nts), overnight train (2nts, first class seats), camping on feluccas (1nt).

Meals - 5 breakfasts, 2 lunches & 4 dinners.

Trip Highlights: 
Cairo & the Pyramids
Sail a felcucca
Aswan & Luxor
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Holidays in Egypt
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(Departures in 2013-14)
  • Day 1 - Arrive in Cairo
  • Day 2 - Cairo/Overnight Train
  • Day 3/4 - Aswan
  • Day 5 - Nile Journey By Felucca
  • Day 6 - Luxor and Karnak
  • Day 7 - Valley of the Kings
  • Day 8 - Cairo
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Arrive in Cairo

Make your way to your first night’s accommodation and check in.  Hotel - 1 night (D)

Cairo/Overnight Train

Cairo/Overnight Train

With a population estimated at 15 million people, Cairo is by far Africa’s largest city and despite its size, it still manages to retain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Its long and colourful history dates from the 7th  century, when it was established by the Arab leader Amr ibn al-As, and called Fustat (the tent). Modern Cairo is a city packed with wonders - you spend a morning visiting the Pyramids of Giza which have overlooked the city for millennia, bearing witness to the ingenuity of their ancient architects and builders. You will approach the pyramids by camel ride. You’ll also visit the fascinating Egyptian Museum, home to the incredible Tutankhamun collection. The rest of the day is left free for you to explore; your Group Leader will advise on what you can see and do to make the most out of your stay. In the evening you board the overnight train to the southern city of Aswan.
Couchette berth in sleeper train - 1 night 



Arriving in the morning, you have a two full days in this laid-back Egyptian city. During the Pharaonic period, Aswan was a frontier town, lying between Egypt to the north and Nubia to the south. Today it still retains some of the frontier atmosphere, populated with a mix of dark-skinned Nubians and the lighter Egyptian Arabs - it’s like having one foot in Arabia and the other in Africa.

During your time in Aswan you have time to soak up the relaxed atmosphere of the town. Anyone who prefers to stay active may choose to participate in one of several optional excursions, perhaps visit the impressive temples of Abu Simbel or take a camel trek to a deserted monastery or a motor boat excursion to the Aswan Dam. There is also plenty of time to wander Aswan’s delightful bazaar. You also visit a Nubian Village where you enjoy a traditional meal and hospitality. Hotel - 2 nights (BL Day3 & D Day 4)

Nile Journey By Felucca

Nile Journey By Felucca

Today you board feluccas for your journey downriver towards Luxor. This is the perfect time to relax - lie back and watch the timeless villages that dot the banks of the Nile as you quietly slip by. Facilities on board are basic but this is an experience you won't forget as you take in the views all around you, you might feel that time stood still here as you watch local farmers go about their day.
Camping (i.e. sleeping on the deck of the felucca) - 1 nights (LD)

Luxor and Karnak

Luxor and Karnak

Bid goodbye to the felucca crew before continuing the short distance to Luxor by road.

Visit the temple of Kom Ombo or Edfu en route to Luxor. The Kom Ombo temple stands on a low promontory overlooking the Nile and is unique in Egypt, in that it is dedicated to two gods, Haeroris (Horus the Elder) and Sobek, the crocodile-headed god of the Nile. Following your visit to the Temple you’ll continue to Luxor. 

Boasting some of the greatest remains on earth, Luxor is your base for the next two days, enabling you to do your sightseeing at a relaxed pace and also soak up the city’s inimitable atmosphere.

Karnak Temple was built over a period of 1500 years, the temples here are breathtaking both in size and complexity. Accompanied by your local guide, who helps to explain the intricacies of Karnak, you experience - amongst other sights - the majesty of the great Hypostyle Hall with its 134 columns, and the beauty of the pink granite obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut. 

Hotel - 1 night (BD)

Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings

Your day starts early as you cross the Nile and take to donkeys for an exciting and fun-filled journey to the Valley of the Kings. Following the route of the builders and artisans who built the tombs, you’ll stop to witness sunrise over the Nile, before moving to the valley itself. On reaching the Valley, hidden by the surrounding mountains, you learn from your local guide about the unique treasures that have lain hidden here for centuries.  After your visit, and on your way back to the river, you stop at the imposing structure of the funerary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Egypt’s first woman ruler. 

Also visit the Animal Care Project.

Later board your overnight sleeper train to Cairo. Overight sleeper train - 1 night

Please note: In order to ensure the comfort and safety of both donkeys and riders, donkeys are only available for the ride to the Valley of the Kings for clients up to a weight of 80kg (approx. 12 ½  stone). A taxi, following an alternative route, will be arranged for non-riders.



Your train arrives early morning back in Cairo. You will then be transfered to the hotel for a day use of the room. Trip ends in Cairo for Land Only clients on Day 8.