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Family Holidays - Accommodation and Rooming

Accommodation Gradings:

We use a variety of accommodation around the world. Wherever possible we try to ensure that this is in keeping with the itinerary and the region that you are visiting. To give you a feel for the standard, we have provided accommodation gradings for each night. However please bear in mind that these are intended as a guide and are not based on 'star' ratings, so there will be variations within each grade. Our complete grading system is below:

Hotels, Lodges & Guesthouses

AAAA    These Hotels, lodges or tented accommodation are either in a unique location with a local flavour or an upgraded standard. With air-conditioning or heating as necessary. All rooms have en suite facilities. Often with added amenities such as restaurant, bar, gardens, swimming pool, Spa, Gym, Activities or Internet.

AAA       Comfortable hotels, lodges or guesthouses with en suite facilities. Usually with air-conditioning or heating as necessary. Often with an added amenity such as a restaurant, bar, gardens, swimming pool or spa.

AA          Hotels, lodges or guesthouses, usually with en suite facilities. These are generally simple hotels with adequate amenities. Whilst comfort levels are perfectly acceptable. Generally no added facilities

A             Village houses, mountain huts, tea houses, gites basic, lodges or guesthouses often come into this category). Accommodation may be communal or dorm-style, and WC / washing facilities are usually shared. Running hot and cold water may be unreliable or even unavailable. These can be the most memorable places to stay, but comfort levels are often low.


CC           Comfortable fixed camps. Private or public campsites, usually with WC and washing / showering facilities in a shared ablutions building. Typically in two person tents. Participation of erecting tents is usually not required.

CS           Standard camping in private or public campsites. Generally there is no running water and toilets may be long drop. Typically in two person tents, and some level of participation is often required in erecting tents Generally bed linen or sleeping bags are not provided.               

C             Basic camping in wild camps where facilities / amenities may be limited or non-existent. Generally there is no running water, and we dig a temporary bush toilet. Two person tents are often used, but occasionally there may be the opportunity sleep under the stars. Participation in erecting tents is normally required and we request clients to bring sleeping bags.



Rooming at hotels

Family of two - All family groupings of two will be put into a twin room.

Family of three - Wherever possible we will put you in a triple room. Please be aware that in some places triple rooms are in short supply. This means that, in practice, a triple room will often simply be a twin room with a mattress on the floor or a further bed squashed in. Where it is impossible to provide a triple room, you will have to decide which of your party takes the single room.

Family of four or more - Wherever possible we will put you in a quadruple room. For larger families, we will provide twin/or quadruple rooms as standard, with a triple room if there is an odd number. Whilst we will do our very best to ensure that families are roomed close together (in some cases, we can arrange adjoining rooms), we can’t guarantee this. Most family holidays occur during peak season and we sometimes have little to no control over where you will be put. You need to come prepared for this.

Single Accommodation
There may be instances when you specifically want a single room. Perhaps Granny needs one or parents of a family of three or five want to ensure they get a bit of space! You only need to pay for this if you want to ensure a single room.