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Sabah Adventure

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4. Demanding
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Asia, Borneo, Malaysia | 13 days
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Transport - Boat, Bus, Longtail boat, Plane, Taxi

Accommodation - Chalet (1 nt), Dormitory (2 nts), Guesthouse (4 nts), Homestay (1 nt), Hotel (2 nts), Jungle Lodge (1 nt)

Meals - 8 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5 dinners

Trip Highlights: 
Tribal experience
Meet orang-utans
Rainforest canopy walk
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10th Mar 2013
I rate this trip
Fantastic variety of experiences

The trip up Mt Kinabalu was more physically demanding than expected, and my leg muscles were screaming all the way down! However, it was an absolutely fantastic experience and one for which the memories will last a lifetime. The night in the rainforest, with complete darkness except for a myriad of stars, and the near deafening cacophony of frogs and crickets, was also a very special experience. The trip provided a fantastic variety of food, as one might expect from a culturally diverse country such as Malaysia, but our guide hunted out all of the best restaurants for us.

Rony was a great bloke. His enthusiasm was second to none and he made us feel safe; he was very approachable.

You will need to be pretty fit to get up Mt Kinabalu, but it will be worth the effort. Take at least one walking pole for the way down, in a (probably vain) attempt to save the legs!
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18th Aug 2012
I rate this trip
Fabulous experience

The stay over in the Jungle camp was amazing. The night walk to see the insects and night life in the jungle was brilliant as was the river cruise to see the jungle elephants. The accomodation was excellent with staying in a "tree" house and hearing the sounds of the jungle all through the night.

I also loved the turtle island and that is something I will always take away see ing the large green turtle laying her eggs and then releasing 100 baby turtles back to the sea.

Proboscus monkeys were funny and the best monkey experience.

Out trip leader, Roland, was the best.  Funny, approachable, organised.  Everything that a leader should be.  I also thinkt hat everyone in Borneo knew Roland!! This helped with the experiences we had.

Make sure that you are fit for the mountain climb - not so much the up, but the down was a killer!! - be prepared to walk 6km straight up and thenstraight back down again. Also it is VERY cold at the top!
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Customer Reviews
17th Apr 2012
I rate this trip
Turtle Island - seeing a turtle nest and witnessing the release of 80 baby turtles at night

Turtle Island - seeing a turtle nest and witnessing the release of 80 baby turtles at night
Hiking up Mount Kinabula to see the sunrise - hard climb but the view was incredible
Staying in the jungle camp and undertaking a night trek through parts of the jungle

[Least enjoyed] Staying at Poring Hot Springs (The Round Inn Hotel - poor accommodation) - I felt that there was enough time to see and do everything in one day rather than spread it over two days


Miss A - Travelled in March 2012

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