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Cambodian Traveller

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2. Gentle
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Asia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam | 10 days
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What's included: 

Transport - Public bus, boat, private charter vehicle

Accommodation- Hotel (8nts)

Meals - 4 breakfasts & 1 lunch

Trip Highlights: 
Temple hop around the impressive Angkor Wat
Explore the tangle of streets in Ho Chi Minh City
Experience the Buzz of Bangkok
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Customer Reviews
19th Sep 2012
I rate this trip
Each part of the trip was amazing.

Each part of the trip was amazing. I had a fantastic time.

Everything was great, apart from the hiccup at the airport. I had to wait over an hour in Vietnam for a taxi to pick me up. The guide was not there. According to my letter I should have been picked up and met by my guide. I had to call the hotel twice to get a cab driver to pick me up.

The freedom Hotel was not very good in Phnom Penh

Chana was very nice and would help where she could.


Ms H - Travelled in August 2012

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Customer Reviews
19th Sep 2012
I rate this trip
Angkor Wat was great

Angkor Wat was great. Very happy trip went up at sunrise. Good stopping points on long journeys too.

[Least enjoyed] Very little time in Vietnam, especially as I was unlucky and had flight cancellations. This led to lost luggage but tour leader was helpful in getting my bag

[Accommodation] Met expectations, though a couple of hotels had no windows. Wifi was usually available but password not always known

Always willing to help and helped with my lost luggage (went with me to airport to help translate).


Mr S - Travelled in August 2012

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Customer Reviews
24th Apr 2012
I rate this trip
Angkor temples did not disappoint

Angkor temples did not disappoint, with a perfect sunrise over Angkor Wat. Incredibly moving museum to the awful Genocide and Killing Fields in context with the huge strides in recovery of this damaged country. Our lovely guide shared with us many aspects of normal life and ongoing cultural changes which we would not have seen on our own. Delicious Cambodian food. We ate a Spider!!!!

A trip totally within Cambodia would in retrospect have been better. Starting in Vietnam cost £50 each for a visa, for only one night if we hadn't booked an extra day; the original itinerary was to arrive in Ho Chi Minh city one day and leave early the next morning. A whole day getting to Bangkok at the end including very long wait at the border and dreadful city traffic added nothing to the trip, and the lunch stop was subsequently much too short. A flight out of Siem Reap would have allowed another day of interest around Battambang. Flight Inclusive people had no time to see anything of Bangkok. There is plenty of interest in Cambodia itself and the trip WAS entitled "Cambodian Traveller".

Intrepid's country notes arrived right at the end of the trip; it would have been valuable to have even an out-of-date booklet as the summary of the history of Cambodia was very good. Luckily we had read up on Cambodia ourselves before travelling. 

The visit to the stilted lake "floating" village was fascinating and the ingenious Bamboo Train unmissable! Vietnam and Bangkok are best left to another trip so that immersion in Cambodia isn't diluted. Having a swimming pool in Siem Reap was very welcome though it perhaps meant a less than ideal location.

On our 3rd Adventure Company trip we are content to stay in less opulent accomodation not too separated from local life. Other tours use hotels that could be anywhere in the world. We hope that the local economy benefits, not international chains.


A lovely young lady (Alann) who gave us many insights into her home life, took us to see her village and gave us samples of several local snack foods we would not have known about. She willingly arranged extra outings and took us to restaurants every day, helping us to chose meals, which was most helpful in such an unfamiliar culture. A delicious meal at the home of the local guide in Phom Penh was wonderful.

Mr D - Travelled in March 2012

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Customer Reviews
20th Mar 2012
I rate this trip
killing fields was in your face shocking but fascinating all the same

the genocide museum, killing fields was in your face shocking but fascinating all the same. The beauty of all the temples. The guide, Dyka,had a relaxed and calm attitude - he was very knowledgeable and rann the group very well.

relieved i went now and didnt leave it any longer with all the building going and huge increase in tourist trips the fear is the country , culture an dlocla people will be affected and for the worse. 
The trip to the school/centre for the street children was shocking - you arrive to what looks liek an idylic restuarant area in the middle of the lake, with what we were told were classrooms around and then tour round the back to see the empty shacks for the chidlren, not a bed mat, pillow or blanket in site let alone any personal belongings or identity, not a toy either. To think that Intrepid sponsor this project and our lunch was paid for along with the homestays , donations and the teachers are all volunteers - hard to think some extra funding couldnt be found for the children to have some basic bedding. i am sure Interpid could do a little more. i found it quite surprising adn upsetting


our group leader treated us all fairly and whilst we had a lot of free time and meals nto included he still went out of his way to come out with us, offer advice as to where to eat if we asked. he alwys told us where we was and what he was doing. We had a couple of very odd people in our group, whilst they lacked social skills, did not engage with the group, had a stranage attitude to the money the group leader remained open and friendly to them, answered their questions, inlcuded them and went of his way to help them. More than the rest of the group found the patience for!

Ms A - Travelled in February 2012

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Customer Reviews
7th Mar 2012
I rate this trip
Seeing Ankor Watt

Seeing Ankor Watt, meeting the cambodian people including our tour guide and hearing their stories, certainly puts life in perspective to hear how they have built their lives following genocide etc.

Also the weather was perfect for a February break away from the English winter.

Communication between the Adventure Company and Intrepid seems to have been very poor.  Trip notes and information provided by the Adventure Company did not match information provided to people booking direct.

Trip started and ended badly as timing for pick up from airport on arrival had been mis communicated leaving me waiting around, I then arrived at a hotel that told me they were full and I wasnt expected, they then changed their mind, but it took a while to sort the single room I had booked as apparently this had not been communicated by the Adventure Company to Intrepid,  my pick up for the return flight was also booked for the wrong time and date meaning I almost missed the flight home. (flight home was also then delayed meaning I missed the last train home and had to make alternative arrangements to avoid being stranded over night at Heathrow)

The final hotel in Bancok was very noisy, yes it was central to the main tourist high street, but after a long week of travel the last thing I needed was a room overlooking a nightclub (I dont book holidays to spanish clubbing resorts)- even with the earplugs provided it was too noisy and left me facing a flight home with very little sleep.

The flight timings also meant that I was not able to participate in the optional tours of Ho Chi Min and Bancok at the beginning and end of the trips respectively meaning that although the cities were advertised as part of the trip (with implied time to visit) there was actually very little time to do anything once there.

I thought the itinery for Cambodia was good (see previous comments re Vietnam and Thailand) - though some of the travel days should maybe have started earlier to avoid travel in the mid day heat and allow us to arrive earlier as they were longer days than advertised.

I enjoyed the contrast between the various places we stayed with the Bamboo Train at Batambang being a great addition (although soon to be obsolete) after the views of Ankor Watt the previous day)

I would also have liked to see Ankor Watt at sunset as advertised on the itinery unfortunately the rest of the group decided they didnt want to do this so I was unable to have that opportunity

'I thought the hotels were on the whole good.  Particulalry the roof top restuarant in Vietnam and the Hotel at Siem Reep which had a lovelly pool.

The hotel in Batambang was more ropey and not particularly good, it felt less well cared for, i.e. the air conditioning turned itself to cold in the middle of the night and there was an ant infestation in my room.

The hotel at Bancok would have been fine had it not been far too noisy - certainly not what I would expect on a trip of this sort.

I thought our leader was very good and helpful, he certainly knew a lot about his country and was kean to show us local foods, crafts, skills etc.

Ms W - Travelled in February 2012


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