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Cambodian Traveller

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2. Gentle
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Asia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam | 10 days
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Transport - Public bus, boat, private charter vehicle

Accommodation- Hotel (8nts)

Meals - 4 breakfasts & 1 lunch

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Temple hop around the impressive Angkor Wat
Explore the tangle of streets in Ho Chi Minh City
Experience the Buzz of Bangkok
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Holidays in Cambodia
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(Departures in 2012-13)
  • Day 1 - Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • Day 2/3 - Phnom Penh
  • Day 4-6 - Siem Reap; Angkor Wat
  • Day 7 - Battambang
  • Day 8 - Bangkok
  • Day 9 - Tour Ends
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Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

On arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, make your way to your hotel where you will be free to relax after your flight until the welcome meeting with your leader at 18:00 (please ask the hotel reception for information on where and when this will take place). 

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam, with a population of just over six million people. This huge number of inhabitants, all rushing about their daily lives gives the city a dynamic atmosphere. It is characterised by a vast array of sights and sounds; ancient pagodas, mosques and cathedrals sit squarely up against the former Presidential Palace, War Museum , historic Dong Khoi Street and the bustling markets of Ben Thanh and Cholon (Chinatown). Much of the life of the city takes place on the busy streets, which are lined with stores, shops, stalls and vendors with their wares spread out on the footpath selling everything from soup to sophisticated electronics! Hotel - 1 night

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh

Leaving early this morning you travel on a public bus through rural Vietnam and Cambodia to reach Phnom Penh (approx 6-7hrs). Travelling this way will give you plenty of opportunities to interact with the local people and find out more about their countries and how they live, all the while watching the stunning scenery glide past you as you go.

In Phnom Penh you'll confront the country's tragic past on a guided tour of the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, a former school which served as a Khmer Rouge torture centre. You'll then head out to the Choeung Ek Memorial, where a stupa made up of around 8,000 human skulls marks the site of the infamous killing fields. It's a poignant reminder of the country's violent past and you can't fail to be moved.

To learn more about the brighter side of the country's history, why not visit the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda (additional charge). There are plenty of things to see and do during your time here, so you might like to explore the Russian Market and National Museum (additional charge). You could also take a stroll along the famous Sisowatch Quay and enjoy a coffee or cocktail at one of the many cafes while observing the bustling river traffic. Hotel - 2 nights

Siem Reap; Angkor Wat

Siem Reap; Angkor Wat

Taking a break from public transport, you travel by private charter vehicle to Siem Reap (approx 6hrs). The journey will provide you with a great opportunity to witness the real Cambodia, as you'll make several stops along the way. The brave among you might like to sample the local delicacy of fried spiders and at Tonle Sap Lake you board a boat for a cruise to one of the floating villages.

The main highlight of the trip awaits you at Angkor Wat and you won't be disappointed. You'll have two full days from sunrise to sunset, to temple hop around this world-famous site to your heart's content. Arguably the zenith of human ingenuity in Indo-China, the sprawling site of Angkor was built between the 9th and 12th centuries, when Khmer civilisation was at the height of its extraordinary creativity and constitutes one of humanity’s most magnificent architectural achievements. It is thought that the temples represented the cosmic world and it's incredible how perfect their balance, symmetry and composition are. The intricately carved bas-reliefs and architectural designs are mind blowing and there are spectacular photographic opportunities at all times of the day.

The ruins are scattered over an area of some 160 sq km, but the main cluster of temples is close to Siem Reap, so there will be plenty of time for you to fully appreciate the great archaeological sites of Angkor Wat, where the towers, courtyards and moats of this colossal work reveal a myriad of views and ornate carvings. You'll go to Angkor Thom, where the Bayon, the eerie unsettling third level of 49 towers, projects 172 icily smiling, gargantuan faces and the jungle-covered Ta Prohm. Hotel - 3 nights



Back on the bus, today you travel to Battambang (pronounced Battambong). Cambodia's second-largest city is an attractive riverside town, with traces of French elegance, friendly Khmer people and well-preserved colonial architecture. You will have some time to explore the town and to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere when you arrive, and it may be possible for you to take a mouth-watering cooking class (addititional charge), a leisurely walk along the river, or explore the local life and surrounding countryside. Hotel - 1 night 



It's a long day's drive from Battambang to Bangkok (approx. 8hrs including the border crossing and lunch stop), but it is enjoyable nevertheless as it will show you more of Indochina and the people that call this part of the world home.

Bangkok is the epitome of the modern, steaming Asian metropolis; no matter what your interests, there is something here for everyone. If there is time when you arrive, you might be able to visit the opulent Grand Palace (additional charge), with its many spectacular temples, the most famous of which is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This spectacular collection of buildings was once the seat of power and was built to be self-sufficient. You could take a boat ride down the city's famous khlongs (additional charge), where it is totally different from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city - it’s like entering a different world. or perhaps pay a visit to the shopping districts downtown to hunt out some last-minute souvenirs. Your options are endless! In the evening you'll have the option of joining the group for a final farewell dinner, where you can reminisce about the memories you have collected over the last few days. Hotel - 1 night


Tour Ends

The tour ends for Land Only passengers.


Total number of meals included: 2 breakfasts and 1 lunch