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Classic Thailand (East Coast)

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2. Gentle
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Asia, Thailand | 18 days
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What's included: 

Transport - Bus, Ferry, Overnight Sleeper Train, Songthaew, Taxi

Accommodation - Hotel (4 nts), resort (4 nts), homestay (1 nt), guesthouse (2 nts), Overnight sleeper train (2 nts), Bungalow (2 nts)

Meals - 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches & 1 dinner

Trip Highlights: 
Explore Sukhothai's ruins by bicycle
Feast on scrumptious Thai cuisine
Cruise among Thailand's stunning islands
Swim and snorkel among colourful reefs
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Very well organised by our group leader Leo. He was a very friendly guy who became one of the group. This was my second trip with you and I'd recommend your company to anyone who wants a cultural experience instead of a standard holiday.

Rob Hughes

Customer Reviews
19th Sep 2012
I rate this trip
Too much travelling

A lot of transfer from a place to another were just too long. The 2 overnight trains were over 12 hours and it wasnt clear at all in the description. The transfer from Bangkok to Ko Pha Nang was 24 hours considering train, bus and boat.  An entire day wasted, knowing i would  have booked an internal flight. The transfer from Ko Pha Nang  to Ko Tao took from 10 am to 3 pm for an 1 hour boat since we arrived at the pier at 11 am I dont know why.


Mr Z - Travelled in August 2012


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Customer Reviews
5th Sep 2012
I rate this trip
everything was great

everything was great

[Least enjoyed] toilets in thailand are very poor - very dirty

I think that all the stuff about cultural sensitivity in thailand - given in the literature and at the initial meeting is a bit much - i think it's a bit ofputting and generally unnecessary - most of the people travelling with intrepid or the AC would be responsible people who would not intentionally offend other people - all the stuff about the king and queen, not touching heads, not pointing feet, covering up etc is overstated and patronising - it's not giving people a good first impression of the country or the people - my son said to me - would we do this 'introduction' if people came to the uk - the answer of course is no.  i think that companies such as intrepid should focus on providing a good holiday experience for people who are spending a great deal of money on a holiday such as this rather than the rules and regulations of the country.  two things that holiday companies should be lobbying for in thailand are acceptable toilets  and litter free resorts


she was very good indeed - i think she could be even better if her english language skills were improved through inhouse training

Ms N - Travelled in July 2012

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