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Save your battery and avoid losing your electronic devices at the airport

In light of the recent security changes, mobile phones and electronic devices need to be switched on and be accessible through the security process at all major UK airports.  If you’ve spent too long checking out your next adventure’s itinerary or can’t put down your latest book, check out a few ways to help save on battery life so airport security can be as smooth as possible for your family.

Turn the WI-FI off on ebooks. You don’t need the internet on to access books you have already downloaded, plus it drains the battery super-fast. Read easy with the WI-FI off.

Close all programs down in the background. Smart phones have a sneaky way of keeping open apps and pages in the background, even when you’ve exited the app. Just check when you finish texting, you fully close down the app. (This can be done on iPhones by double clicking the home button, and swiping the open app pages upwards.)

Put your phone into flight safe mode. Blocking all incoming calls, texts and internet, keeping your phone on flight safe mode is the best way to save battery when your phone is on. Plus, you don’t have to mess around searching for your phone when you board as it’s already prepared. 

Turn down the screen brightness. Believe it or not, something as simple as the brightness of your screen can seriously drain a phone’s battery. Go into ‘settings’ and bring the brightness down to at least 50%.

Don’t let apps refresh automatically. If you’ve a phone full of apps, they will automatically refresh in the background which will waste your battery updating new features.  


Photo courtesy of Amitours Pinterest