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Land of The Masai - Family Holiday

Trip type: 
Family - Wildlife
Adventure level: 
2. Gentle
Max group size: 
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Africa, Kenya | 10 days
Trip code: 
Family Holidays | Min age 5yrs
What's included: 

Transport - Overland Vehicle, 4x4 safari vehicle

Accommodation - Lodge (2 nts), Permanent tented camp (2 nts), Camping (with facilities) (2 nts), Hotel (1 nt)

Meals - 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches & 6 dinners.

Trip Highlights: 
Masai Mara Big Game
Meet the Masai tribesmen
Camp out under the African Stars
Relax at beautiful Lake Naivasha
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Don't take our word for it - read through our customer reviews. All of these have been published without any editing.

The whole trip was fantastic. Undoubtedly our best ever family holiday. Accommodation was excellent throughout, culminating in the fantastic tented camp at the Masai Mara. 

Jo Jukes, Mum

26th Jul 2012
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10 day family adventure in Kenya

Seeing a huge crocodile devour a wildebeest 20m away; being 4-5m away from a female cheetah and her cub; waking at the edge of lake Naivasha to hear hippos barking; the early morning sounds of Africa; running the Mara with my two sons, a Masai tribesman and a herd of zebra; coming across a fresk "kill" on a walking safari - feeling all of a sudden very vulnerable!; watching the monkeys monkey about on a hammock at the Country Club; stalking and finding a pride of 11 lions and observing them as they began to hunt; watching as my sons learned to make fire with the Masai; visiting Talek Primary School to meet David, his staff and the wonderful school children; seeing an African Fish Eagle swoop down to the water around our boat to take a fish;the amazing "night sky" in the Masai Mara; meeting Max - the very naughty chimp (throws poo)!; baboons - so funny and human-like; the sounds and smells of the forest; the beautiful colours of the birds in Africa; standing on the equator with one foot either side; the dated elegance of Lake Nakuru River Lodge - loved the open fire and the mozzie nets and the 1960s lamps; cold Tusker beers and Kenyan tea; the baby elephants at Sheldricks and the glorious flowers everywhere.  So not much, really!

James drove very considerately and safely given the condition of some of Kenya's roads.  Our safari vehicle was spacious and comfortable although the seatbelts didn't always inspire confidence.  I'd make a point of this before departure next time ... must have working seatbelts all the time.  James was happy to answer questions and offered useful tips and observations.  He was very good at finding game and kindly arranged, at our request, for us to visit a local school on the last day of our trip.  He inspired confidence and ensured our trip ran smoothly.  We felt very safe with him.

Bring a beanbag teddy as a camera rest/makeshift tripod. Try and visit the school in Talek to add a bit of balance to your visit. Always have your camera ready! Be patient and try and maintain a relaxed outlook ... Kenya is in Africa! Listen as much as you watch - Africa sounds as good as it looks. Winter is in our summer - take a good fleece for the evenings/early mornings. Get your visa in the UK - much quicker than at immigration. Travel light, as light as you can. For cameras, I recommend the LowePro FastPack 350 - great way to keep cameras and lenses safe, accessible and clean with loads of space for other everyday stuff.
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Mr Kirit Amin
5th Aug 2011
I rate this trip
Great Trip - Shame about the misleading title

Not sure what to write here. We went on a safari holiday and our guide managed to find us all the wildlife we wanted to see. It was fantastic and my kids said it was one of the best holidays ever.

Meeting the Masai is a very short part of the whole trip - we got to see a welcome dance, they showed us how to throw spears, how they build their homes and live in them (very similar to dwellings in farming villages in India) and there was the obligatory opportunity to buy something afterwards.

Although everyone mentions / discusses caring and responsible tourism - I could not see the evidence that the $25 USD per person that the Masai get was spent for the good of the whole community. So we have to take their word for it. Interestingly my daughter (18) was not comfortable with this part of the trip - she felt we were prying or gawping at the Masai and could not accept that it was a legitimate means for them to raise funds and lift themselves out of poverty. I had interesting chats with a couple of Masai men (one of who had 2 wives - 1 to look after the cattle!!) - they both wanted their children to go to university but retain / return to their Masai way of life. I'm not sure the kids will be keen once they see other opportunities open up to them.

Overall it was an excellent opportunity to meet a people who are both different and the same (when it comes down to it - wherever you go - its all about survival, family and passing on to the next generation).


1) This is an 8 day holiday. For the Adventure Company (AC) to claim that the overnight flights at either end are Day 1 and Day 10 is both deceitful and insulting to its customers. We went anyway because it fitted in with holiday availability at work. The only defensible position for AC is to correct this. So by all means go on this holiday but don't kid youselves that it's a 10 day holiday. And no - it's not OK just because everyone else does it. 2) If you have younger children make sure they have things to do - especially at Nairobi airport - which is not the fun capital of the world. 3) Visas - from July 1st 2011 - everyone needs a visa including under 16s. We got ours in the UK which saved some time. You have to fill in forms on entry and exit and they take photos and fingerprints on entry and exit.... so be prepared. 4) All drinks are extra at all mealtimes - this is not explicitly pointed out but it should be as it avoids misundersandings. Food is not included on the first and last day. On the first day you will be taken to a restaurant for lunch – feel free to ask for something light (cheaper) instead of the set price 3 – 4 course meal. Where possible buy snack from supermarkets as its not cheap / convenient to to do this en route. 5) Kenyan shillings - we managed to get a better deal at the bureau de change in Nairobi than people did in London by about 10 shillings to the pound. Also the rate drops the further into Kenya you go. We did not do a huge amount of shopping and changed about £300 for 5 of us to cover drinks, meal in Nairobi at beginning and end and a bit of shopping. What we had left we put towards the tip for the guide. We took GBP and USD just in case. We did not use cards as we were not sure how safe it would be. 6) The boat trip on Lake Naivasha - they preferred you to pay in Shillings. 7) The tented accomodation is fine: solar lights, plumbed in toilet and bucket of hot water for shower - all good and comfortable - so don't worry about it being rough and ready. The lodges are all good. But pack a couple of torches – if it’s been cloudy then the light will be very dim. 8) If you have a new camera - practice, practice, practice bfore you go and take lots of pictures. There is power in all locations to charge up batteries etc but make sure they are fully charged and carry spares just in case. 9) Hopefully you will be blessed with good travelling companions in your group. We were stuck with a woman (who was good company) and her 13 year old son (who was an immature brat and extremely hard work). If we did it again we would have firmly spoken up and drawn the line very early on as it definitely took the edge off our holiday. It's an expensive holiday so say your piece, enlist the help of the guide, etc but do not let it spoil your trip. 9) Finally - Enjoy. (4 out of 5 stars - lose a star for the nonsense about it being a 10 day holiday).
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