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High-profile events cement Cairo's status as a design hub

The Egyptians have always been big advocates of flamboyant design and the famous pyramids are the most obvious example of this.

Cairo is becoming renowned as a hub for art, design and fashion thanks to a number of high-profile events that take place throughout the year.

Arguably, none are bigger than the International Exhibition and Fashion Show, which is held at the Cairo International Convention Centre.

Now in its 29th year, the 2012 version of the event will run between March 16th and 18th and is the perfect opportunity for people taking Egypt holidays to immerse themselves in the culture of the area.

The exhibition is organised by Defile D'Egypte and it normally attracts a host of fashion designers and manufacturers, who are only too keen to show off their latest line of trendy items.

It is a distinctly international affair, as exhibitors from all around the world converge on the Egyptian city and thousands of people attend the event each year.