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View the magnificent Pyramids at Giza 

Feluccas & Pharaohs - Family Holiday

Snorkle in the Red Sea

Desert & Reef Adventure - Family Holiday

Climb Mount Sinai

Pyramids to Petra

Egypt Holidays

A holiday in Egypt is like no other. From the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza to the artifacts of the Pharaohs and the Gold mask of King Tutankhamen, Egypt offers history like no other.

Our Egypt Holidays are focused around tours to show you the very best of Egypt from discovering the ancient history to cruising slowly down the River Nile or snorkeling in the Dead Sea. As a responsible holiday operator we work with the Foreign Office to ensure your safety at all times and your holiday booking is protected by our ABTA status.

Egypt's capital city Cairo is often a good starting point, allowing tourist to whet their appetite for the country with a trip to the Egyptian Museum. King Tutankhamen's gold mask is among the artefacts housed here, along with remains of many of the pharaohs. Meanwhile, the Pyramids at Giza and the Sphinx, found on the outskirts of the city, are an unmissable part of many people's Egypt holidays. Camel rides and photo opportunities await tourists in an area where history permeates every corner. Those who have been on an Egyptian Holiday usually agree that Giza and the Pyramids have a unique atmosphere that is unrivalled anywhere else in the world. These are some of the things that shouldn’t be missed when on holidays in Egypt.

Further afield, Luxor's Valley of the Kings, located close to the River Nile, is another must-see location - this is where more than 60 ancient tombs for the pharaohs have been found over the years. Cruising down the River Nile is also an important part of any Egypt Holiday - a traditional lateen-rigged boat trip starting in Aswan is a great way to travel in style. While it's true that many travellers go on Egypt holidays to soak up its rich history and culture, there is much more to this Middle Eastern country than its Egypt tours, crumbling buildings and camel rides. Those who enjoy making their own hands-on discoveries will welcome the chance to snorkel in the Red Sea and check out its coral reefs on their Egypt holidays. Meanwhile, tourists who opt for a stay in Hurghada can enjoy a traditional beach break, the perfect way to end a couple of weeks of exploration.

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Egypt Map

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There are many highlights to see on our Egypt holidays. Our map of Egypt shows the locations you can visit and the tours we offer from our Egypt Adventure  on the River Nile and for families there is our Desert & Reef adventure in the Red Sea. Click on the red dots above to see our locations and tours.

Family Holidays in Egypt

Egyptian family holidays are a way to bring the pyramids and the pharaohs to life. When it comes to Egypt holidays for families, there are trips to suit children of all ages, from cultural discovery tours in and around Cairo to beach breaks in Hurghada. 

As one of our bloggers writes, "If you want an academic, in-depth survey (say) Middle Kingdom hieroglyphics, this trip is not for you. This is Egypt's Greatest Hits. But if you haven't been to Egypt before, and you are with your children, it's ideal."  Read the blog to see how a family of four children enjoyed their Egypt Holiday from the museum to the Sea.

Youngsters are sure to enjoy checking out the mummies at the Egyptian Museum, or the unrivalled sights of Giza and the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings. Families who decide to incorporate a little rest and relaxation into their break on the Red Sea coast or the River Nile only need the same precautions they'd use on a beach break in the Med - namely, plenty of sun cream and a bucket and spade. 
Egypt tours really offer the best of both worlds - a chance to relax while also quenching youngsters' natural thirst for knowledge. We also offer single parent holidays to Egypt.

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We work closely with the British Foreign office guidance to ensure the safety of our travellers. The Foreign Office regularly updates it advisory for travel to Egypt. You can check the updates here

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