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Rosie Millard

Meet Rosie Millard, the travel journalist, broadcaster, author and intrepid mum, and our ambassador for family adventures. Follow her blog and tweets and stories to find out what a family holiday with us is all about.

Rosie is an acclaimed national journalist and broadcaster.  She writes regularly for the, Telegraph, Times and Financial Times. You can often hear her on Radio 4, Radio 2 and Five Live. You can also follow her on Twitter and she is one of the Featured MumsNet bloggers.

She also loves to run!

She has four children, aged 7, 9, 12 and 14 and when she’s not pounding the streets, she’s devising notions of where she can take them adventuring around the world. Her account of 4 months travelling around the French speaking world was made into a 6-part TV series, Croissants in the Jungle, and a book Bonnes Vacances: A Crazy Family Adventure in the French Territories

With the help of The Adventure Company she has taken the family to Egypt where they slept on an overnight train, sailed up the Nile in a felucca and visited the Pyramids. In Morocco, they rode into the Sahara on camels, slept under the stars in the desert, and haggled in the Souks of Marrakech.

“What I loved was the pleasure of sharing an adventure with other families,” Rosie says.“We all had to face completely new experiences and be daring together! The children gained confidence from being in a huge group of kids their own age, and I valued meeting parents with similarly intrepid tastes.”

Claire Wilson, Mum & Managing Director, stated “I’m pleased Rosie has gone on our family adventures with her clan, and helped us shape our future trips. Her attitude towards stretching and developing her children is very much in line with the broad benefits our trips offer – learning through experiences and memorable moments the whole family can cherish”

Rosie adds “What I really value about family holidays with The Adventure Company is that these are very special, quite daring itineraries which offer a great selection of activities and experiences. Although it’s intrepid, everything happens within a very safe and secure infrastructure. The attention to detail is fantastic and the local guides, who lead every trip, add a huge amount of knowledge, fun and security every single day.”         


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Having fun on an adventure holiday in Egypt
Having fun on an adventure holiday in Egypt
Camel trek in Egypt
Journey along the Nile
Family time
Families at breakfast
In Bedouin camp
On a sand dune
Taking it easy in the Sahara
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Camel trek