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Intrepid Travel and The Adventure Company

Intrepid Travel logoThe Adventure Company has merged with Intrepid Travel and the main change you may have noticed is that all trips are now run by Intrepid in-country. Intrepid are a leading adventures tour specialist, with 25 years experience and offering over 1,000 trips across the globe.  We are really excited about this - it means more choice, more flexibility and the same spirit of adventure - providing you those same precious real life experiences.

To celebrate this match up we offering all past Adventure Company bookers and enquirers and an amazing one off offer to book an Intrepid trip through us.

Our great switch offer

Book an Intrepid trip through us and enjoy a huge new world of adventure for less.

Intrepid switch offer

This is a simple, one off, offer and you can only take advantage of it by calling 0845 287 1192, so download a brochure, get excited and give us a call.
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Meet Intrepid Travel

Intrepid co-founders In 1989 two mates set out for the wilds of Africa with nothing more than a group of friends, an ex-council truck, a load of supplies and a hunger to travel.

Aussies Darrell and Manch discarded the air-conditioned coaches, spurned the mounting distractions of everyday life and set off on an trip that would change the idea of adventure travel.

At some point along their journey, a light bulb moment occurred, “Could this type of travel be something others are interested in?”, and so, Intrepid was born.

The rest, as they say, is history. The first organised small group adventure was 25 years ago in Asia, dinners were shared, locals we met and friendships were made. Intrepid Travel has never looked back. Still adding to its list of 800 different itineraries, Intrepid takes over 100,000 travellers across the globe and live for ‘the joy of discovery’.


Why travel with Intrepid?

Intrepid trips are run on the same principles of The Adventure Company: travelling in small groups led by a local group leader and following a set itinerary. You experience real insights into local life, customs and traditions through homestays, local transport and cuisine.  Sustainable tourism is at the forefront of its operations, so the impact on destinations is minimalised and local people and businesses are supported.

With over 1,000 trips to 120 countries, you’re spoilt for choice; many trips depart weekly throughout the year and there are a number of different trip styles to choose from, including: FoodSailing, Walking, Polar and Cycling, just to name a few!  

On Intrepid trips there is plenty of flexibility: there's free time built into itineraries, you can tailor an itinerary to meet your needs or add elements on. Add ons include Urban Adventures; full day and half day tours with a local around arrival or departure cities, such as Bangkok, Delhi or Rome, and Short Breaks; two to six day tours with the same local interaction, just on a smaller time scale.

From a 35 day trip on an all-encompassing tour from Russia to China, to a three hour bike tour of Melbourne, there is bound to be a trip for you.

Intrepid’s award winning local tour leaders are equipped with expert knowledge to guide you in the right direction and take you behind the scenes of a destination. Travelling in a small group accompanied by a local leader gives you the best possible insight into local culture.


Intrepid’s ethos

Intrepid lives by a set of core values:

Local children with female travellers - MalawiIntegrity – Doing the right thing

Responsible – Think global, act local

Growth – Stakeholders in their own success

Innovation – Thriving on new ideas and embracing change

Fun – It’s everywhere

Passion - It runs through the office and all the leaders


Although Intrepid loves to take travellers to the must-see sites, it’s also about real life experiences, exploring behind the scenes of a destination. For example see the famous Angkor Wat at sunrise, then head off into rural Cambodia for a taste of traditional Khmer cuisine, cooked by yourselves inside a local’s kitchen.  Now that’s a real life experience.


Who are Intrepid’s travellers?

They’re you: open minded, friendly and eager to travel and explore.

Jordan, Wadi Rum             

Intrepid Travel’s responsibilities

Intrepid endeavours to provide real life experiences whilst practising sustainable tourism every day. As a global tour operator, Intrepid takes its role in tourism very seriously and in 2002, The Intrepid Foundation was set up. It now supports more than 70 non-profit government organisations in Intrepid's destinations.

The Foundation has now distributed over AU$3 million, contributing to healthcare, education, human rights, child welfare, sustainable development and environmental and wildlife protection. All donations are matched and 100% of your donation reaches the nominated project.

Like The Adventure Company, Intrepid employs all local leaders, use local transport wherever possible and travel under the radar ensuring homestays and small, locally run accommodation are built into the itinerary.



The Intrepid Group

The Adventure Company and Intrepid Travel are part of the Intrepid Group. Also included in the Group are; Geckos. a dedicated youth brand, The Family Adventure Company, Peregrine and Peregrine Reserve a specialised luxury tour operator. Our Group will certainly have an adventure suitable for you.

Your loyalty to the Group is incredibly valuable and so to say thank you our travellers get 5% off their 2nd-9th trip, plus £1,500 off your 10th. 

To find out more about your loyalty offer, click here


For everything you need to know about Intrepid Travel and to request a brochure, check them out here and start planning your next adventure today!