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Kilimanjaro Trek

As the world's tallest freestanding mountain at 5,985m, it is hardly surprising that trekking holidays to the magnificent Kilimanjaro summit are in demand. A Kilimanjaro trek offers sweeping views of two of the world's most spectacular nations, Tanzania and Kenya. You have four routes to choose from on one of our trekking holiday to Kilimanjaro, each offering something different and unique. 

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  • Rongai routequieter, more gradual, off the beaten track, perfect for beginners with possible safari sightings

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  • Marangu routethe classic route, more straightforward with easier walking through numerous eco-systems

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  • Machame routesteeper ascents, scrambling, most challenging route best for experienced trekkers, with views of Kibo Peak

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  • Lemosho routeis the most scenic and unspoilt of all the Kilimanjaro options traversing beautiful forests and moorlands.

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Best Time To Go

Kilimanjaro is near the equator so it's not really affected by the seasons. There are two rainy seasons, March-May and November-December where paths can be slippy but it's nothing which will stop you trekking. The other thing to bear in mind is you'll be heading to the summit in the early morning, so it helps if you join one of our full moon departures.

Arusha climate chart

Life on trek

You'll trek for five to ten hours a day with regular breaks to eat and drink. Your nights are spent in two person dome tents with hot meals in a communal eating tent. There are toilet huts and each day you'll have a bowl of warm water to wash. Porters will accompany you each day and set up camp before you arrive. On the Marangu route you'll stay in six person mountain huts with bunk beds.

Why trek with The Adventure Company?

We've taken over 2,500 travellers up Kilimanjaro since 2002. 95% of our trekkers last year rated their trip 'excellent' or 'good'.

We offer great value:

  • Throughout the year we run special offers on our treks. Check out our special offers.
  • Got a group of friends that want to travel together. We can create a private departure for you group PLUS save £50 per persons. Contact our private groups team to find out more on 01420 595025 or email groups@adventurecompany.co.uk
  • We organise everything pre-trip, including park fees which are included in the price.

You're in safe hands:

  • You can download our Training for Trekking Guide to help with your preparation or our Kilimanjaro trekking guide.
  • Each trek is fully supported by a team of porters and a local Group Leader. Your main luggage will be carried by the porters and they'll look after everything in the camp. Each evening you'll also be briefted on the next day's trek.
  • We support the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project and follow guidelines set by the International Mountain Explorers Connection for porter's wages, maximum load, tipping, meals, and equipment, and healthcare.
  • We've been running Kilimanjaro treks for over 15 years.

Want to know what a Kilimanjaro trek is really like?

"Few places around the world can offer the same thrill as this Tanzanian hotspot. Many tourists, myself included, combine their trip up the tallest peak in Africa with a bit of safari-based fun. With the Serengeti in close proximity, it is hard to think of another destination that can appeal to wildlife and nature lovers as much as this.

Read more on what to expect from a Kilimanjaro trek in our blog post here or view the video below taken on a trek in 2010.