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Solo Adventurers

Imagine waking up every morning to start a new adventure, with new friends, in new locations knowing everyone else is working 9-5 at home...

With a great mix of like-minded people, a sense of adventure and true camaraderie, our holidays are great for people looking for an exciting holiday. What's more there's no single supplements on most trips, a Group Leader to keep you safe and a wonderful array of destinations from Cuba to Egypt, Thailand to Morocco. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, you're not alone on one of our holidays, that's why around 60% of all our passengers are solo travellers .

Most common FAQs on singles holidays

1. Will I have to pay a single supplement?

No! If you’re happy to share with someone of the same sex we will pair you with a room buddy

2. Can I opt for a single room?

Yes, just ask our Travel Consultants about single room options and prices.

3. Will I be with other solo travellers or couples?

Both. You can either opt for a dedicated solo departure with only other solo travellers, who are usually very sociable. Or you can travel on our regular tours with a mix of couples and singles.

4. What will the age range of the group be?

Our Travel Consultants can tell you about the ages and group size when booking. On average our travellers are aged between 25 and 65 with the majority aged 35 -39.

5. What sex will the group be?

Our groups are usually a healthy mix of both women and men, about 60% women, 40% men.

6. Can I get in touch with other people in my group prior to travel?

We are happy to contact other members of your groups on your behalf or use our Facebook Meetapp


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The trip was excellent - we were a fantastic group and got on like a house on fire - spent the whole week laughing and joking - have made some great friends! Carolyn Bonello

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Going on a solo adventure

All our trips are great for solo travellers - around 60% of all our passengers are solo travellers because:
  • You make lifelong new friends as you always travel with a small group of between four and twenty like-minded people.
  • Sharing new experiences (and a tent) everyday brings everyone together quickly
  • With a Group Leader looking after everything you can experience new cultures with added confidence.
  • Travelling in a group keeps the cost down making the unattainable affordable. For example we room people of the same sex together avoiding paying a single supplement (not relevant to Collection trips).
  • Group travel is safer which means you can travel to far-flung continents in the knowledge you’re in safer in a group.

Our most popular solo adventures

Lycian Activity Week

A fantastic active week in Turkey with on average 91% solo adventurers
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Active in the Pyrenees

On average 61% of travellers on this active trip in the Pyrenees are solo.
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Mount Toubkal Trek

Attempt the Toubkal summit challenge on a trekking trip with around 55% other solo trekkers.
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Everest Base Camp

This is our top trekking trip and 50% of our Nepal trekkers are solo.
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  • Active in the Pyrenees

    Action-packed days in the heart of the Pyrenees, Andorra.

    7 days from £949

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Meet other solo adventurers

Katy ButlerKaty Butler, 34 Hampshire

Katy has travelled with us on Serengeti Explorer, Atlas Adventure, Classic Kenyan Safari and Cambodia Traveller.

'I made myself do it [take a solo holiday], as it was totally out of my comfort zone, but I have no regrets what so ever and it makes you a stronger person. Honestly you have just got to go for it. I'm in my fifth year with Adventure and they are pretty awesome! First trip was in 2009 to Tanzania, I was so nervous I didn't sleep much the night before I went. I met some of the peeps in my group at Heathrow and we got on like a house on fire and I knew I was going to be fine. It was such a laugh. Out of all the trips I have been on so far I have only not got on with one person and ended up sharing with her when I was in Morocco, but thats the chance you take. I'm not really a confident person and I get nervous every year, But if its something you really really want to do you've just got to pluck up the courage and go for it and there will be always somebody you'll have a good old laugh with and become life long friends!'

What’s your best tip for other solo travellers? As for the pratical side of things- wet wipes, hand sanitizer, loo roll... plenty of!! Ear plugs just incase you have to share with a really loud snorer,like I experienced and for the people that have hair, I recommend dry shampoo, does wonders if there is a lack of usage on the shower front! Oh, and a head torch, even if saying in a hotel, you'll be juggle free!!


Paul DeavallPaul Deavall, 27 Warwickshire

Paul has travelled on Empire of the Inca, Desert adventure, Kilimanjaro – Machame route 'Back in 2006

'I'd hit a huge crossroads – the lure of travel was pulling at me but the friends and family, potential fellow travellers, were held back by commitments of the work, social and family variety, and the prospect of travelling by myself was just too daunting to say the least. This is where ‘The Adventure Company’ came into the equation. After a spot of research and reading reviews (have a look, these loads of good ones) about the company and a large amount of umming and arring I booked my first trip to the Inca Trail! Looking back now, I can see the major issue that was hanging over me was the total fear of the unknown, but you have to remember everyone is in exactly the same boat, away from the ‘norm’ and out of their daily routine, but at the end of the day, wherever your from and whatever your background, you are all there for the same adventure and experience and this ‘common goal’ really pulls you together and makes you a strong team. Also to help take out the fear element, don’t forget throughout the trip there is always the local guide, whose knowledge and local insight has been an incredible assistance looking back at the three trips I’ve been on – from getting us through airports, finding the best local cafes or simply buying a stamp! Travelling solo has helped me in a big way with confidence because I was pushed to mingle and make friends, a concerning prospect indeed but don’t forget there will be many on the trip in the same situation – you’re never alone. Travelling also gave me a better worldly understanding and a strong belief in myself of what I can do and achieve. For example during a tough day at work, I think back to the fact I got to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro with the Adventure Company, so nothing is beyond my reach!

A few tips Preparation:

  • Talk to your local doctor about where you’re off to and what you’re up to. Mine provided me with a lot of helpful tips, websites and advice
  • Go on plenty of ‘practise tests’ with your gear. It’s better and easier to fix problems at home rather than during your trip. It’s the little things that are easily overlooked like are your boot laces to long, are your bag straps to tight, does the lid of your water bottle leak......all worth a check
  • However minor the issue or enquiry phone the Adventure Company for advice, they were incredibly helpful
  • Make sure you pack a good head torch, waterproofs, toilet roll and a good first aid kit, the latter being not just for your own safety but also a good source of sticky tape, scissors and bandages which are always useful to fix any bag or waterproof issues

During the trip:

  • Go with a sense of fun and adventure as some facilities particularly toilets are quite an experience!
  • Talk about your problems –what your experiencing or having issues with you'll find a lot of the group are also experiencing from toilet habits to headaches.
  • If in doubt ask the guides, what they don’t know is probably not worth knowing.
  • Keep a diary, as you witness and experience so much in a small space of time.
  • Just go for it – it’s a massive cliché but this adventure is ‘once in a life time’!

Laura TurnerLaura Turner, 31 Kent

Laura has travelled with us on Active Pyrenees. She has this to say about her new friend, Dinesh Hundalani , found on our trip.

'I went and trekked the Pyrenees with your company in June last year and it was my first holiday since I was in my teens and I'm nearly mid 30's now!! So it was a big nervous adventure for me!! I met a guy, Dinesh, on the same solo holiday. Don't think we hit it off like that and you have to go rush and buy a new hat lol as we didn't!!

We hit it off big time as friends and don't actually live a million miles away from each other which is so cool!! We seem to be meeting up now quite regularly and slowly but surely we are working our way through our tick lists together. We have met up so many times and even met some of you guys at the travel event in London recently!! We was out looking for ideas for our first big holiday together. I never thought in a million years I would go on a holiday like this let alone meet anyone that I liked enough to keep in contact with. The fact that our friendship seems to be growing warms my heart as he is an amazing guy and thanks to you guys I now have him firmly in my life!! I have just got back from spending another crazy weekend away with him ticking Segway off his list and having a blast!! I just felt it was about time I emailed you guys and said thanks :) without you I wouldn't have found him. So we are both sending moocho love!!'

Claire LewesClaire Lewes, 39 Somerset

Claire has travelled with us a mega 16 times, since 1998 when she took her first trip to New Zealand. Claire has travelled on Adventure Nepal, Everest Base Camp, Classic Peru, Epic China, Prague & the High Tatra, Petra & Wadi Rum and many more!

Claire says, 'Everyone is on a trip for the same reason so just get on and enjoy it! I've been travelling solo since I was 21 when I went to Kenya. My parents were ok with it because it was safe, I was met at the airport and always in the company of a Group Leader and the other passengers. Group trips are simple, safe and easy. They take the hassle out of everything and you don't have to think about it. If I had any advice for those new to solo travel I would say don't be worried about it. Your Guide is always there to make you welcome and break the ice with your fellow group members by asking if they'd like you to take their photo. And always ask before you book what the group dynamics are. I once turned down a trip because there were seven single women in their 70s but I went back to that trip and booked it in 2010 - I made friends in that group who I still talk to. In fact I'm still in touch with my Group Leader and another traveller from my first trip in 1998 - in fact we then went on the Epic China in 2011 together! For me it is the safety aspect that these group holidays bring. It is a very safe way of travelling and should anything happen The Adventure Company will notify your next of kin immediately. Also you don't have to worry about trying to speak the language as your Group Leader is a local and can manage these things. When you're on a tight time scale and only have a week or two you don't want to worry about finding the right railway station in India or finding your way around. You get to see as much as possible.'

Top tip: Always ask the group dynamics before you book. If you only want to travel with other singles ask for a solo departure. Luckily for me I sleep through most things so have never had a problem sharing rooms and I actually enjoy having someone to discuss the day's events with in the evening before bed.