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Angkor Wat

One of the world's greatest ancient wonders, Angkor Wat is on many peoples 'must see' lists. The memories of the atmospheric temples, tangled tree roots and giant carved faces of this awe-inspiring architectural phenomenon will live with you forever. Explore it on foot, by cycle and take the opportunity of enjoying the spectacular sunset views.

Angkor Wat is one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in South East Asia. Our Angkor Wat tours are perfect for those with a sense of adventure and a hunger for cultural discovery. Angkor Wat was built as a temple complex; originally Hindu, then Buddhist, it has a rich religious history. Seeing this dramatic site will complete any holiday in Cambodia. Our Cambodia holidays take in the highlights of this magnificent country including the Royal Palace at Phnom Penh. The temples are a famous UNESCO world heritage site and are certainly deserve their status due to their unique and breathtaking structures.


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Buddhist monks
Buddhist monks
The splendours of Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat
Exploring Angkor Wat
In amongst the buildings
Amazing ruins
Angkor Wat
Ancient temple
View of Angkor Wat
Amongst the ruins