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Fundraising Pack

Fundraising Pack

We want to encourage people to take part in amazing physical challenges and experiences that provide them with the opportunity to travel to new places, get fitter and healthier, make new friends and achieve something very special. In addition by taking part in these fantastic challenges people will be raising funds for the charity that will go directly to help many more people.
However, for many people the prospect of raising large amounts or sponsorship and meeting the fundraising requirements can be daunting and will stop many people from taking part in these challenges. We want to provide as much help and advice as possible so people can see how they can raise the money and therefore can take part in something very special!
Everyone’s circumstance and situation is different so you need to think carefully what is likely to be the best and most effective way of fundraising for you. The list of ideas and suggestions below covers many possibilities and hopefully will show how possible it is to raise significant funds if you are prepared to put in a bit of effort. You can also contribute money yourself to meet any shortfall but it is likely that any money you pay yourself will be significantly less than a non-charity, fully self-funded trip.

Gift Aid
One of the most effective ways of raising more money is by using Gift Aid. Basically for any donations you receive or sponsorship payments made you should be able to get an extra 25% by using gift aid. Donors need to be UK taxpayers and tick the box to confirm gift aid is applicable. So, for example, if you get £500 of sponsorship this can be increased to £625 with gift aid.

Online sponsorship page
You can set up your own online sponsorship page with Just Giving by going to www.justgiving.com/climbym and following instructions to set up your page. You can then edit this as much as you like and upload photos. It is a great way to tell your story and why you are doing the challenge plus updating it on your progress etc with training and fundraising. People can then make online donations and you can set your target and see how you are doing. Sending out regularly emails to family, friends and colleagues will increase the number of people who will sponsor you and make a donation. Also, people like to see how you are doing and feel part of your challenge so this is a great way for doing this.

Offline sponsorship forms
In addition to the online page you can use offline sponsorship forms for your challenge so people can sponsor you this way rather than making a donation online. Just ask for forms and will provide you with official forms for your challenge. This is particularly effective with work colleagues.

Family and Friends challenges
In addition to asking friends and family for sponsorship you can ask them or encourage them to do their own challenge to raise sponsorship which can then go to your sponsorship pot. For example they could do a sponsored walk, climb or cycle challenge and ask friends and family to join in and raise some money. Or they may wish to run a 10k or half marathon and raise money on your behalf. So they do something and benefit and so do you!

Work help (including matched funding)
Many companies will be supportive and offer help, perhaps by sponsoring you directly or offering a ‘matched fund’ scheme. Find out what your employer might be able to do to help you. If you don’t ask you don’t get!

Raffles & Auctions
Organising a raffle and auction and getting prizes, gifts, vouchers, etc is relatively easy. Ask friends, family and colleagues first if they have anything they could donate for a raffle or auction. Furthermore, you can ask local businesses, shops and companies for anything that might be suitable for a fundraising raffle or auction. As long as you are polite, professional and friendly that is ok and we can provide official charity headed paper or letter.

Curry nights
Organising a curry night or similar at a local restaurant can be very beneficial. For example the restaurant may charge £10 per person and you charge £20 for a ticket, so for everyone you get attending your function you will make a £10 profit that will go to your fundraising pot. At the event you could do a raffle or auction as mentioned above. These can be excellent social events where the attendees have a great evening and lots of money is raised for your fundraising pot. Many restaurants will offer you a good deal, especially on a night where it would normally be quiet!

Car Boot Sales and Ebay
There are plenty of opportunities to do car boot sales or sell items on ebay. You have probably got lots of stuff at home that you could sell and many friends and family members will be very happy to give you items for you to sell. Just ask people and you will get given lots of stuff. This can be a good way of raising money and clearing out old stuff too!

Organise a walk, cycle ride or weekend trip
There is no reason why you can’t organise your own walk, hike, cycle ride or weekend trip and get friends, family and colleagues to go with you and ask for a payment or donation. They get to have a great time and you can raise money from organising this. For example, organising a weekend trip to Snowdon may cost £75 for hotel, transport, food, etc but if you ask for £125 to organise all this then you can make £50 per person. Or organise a bike ride and ask for £25 contribution for a great day out!

Tin collections and bag packing
It can be a very good way of raising money with on average you get about £15 per hour from tin collections or bag packing at local supermarkets so the money raised can quickly add up. The more hours you put in the more you raise and why not ask a friend or family member to help you? If you wear a fancy dress type outfit you usually get lots more from the added attention!

Coffee and Cake or Cheese and Wine parties
Organising a simple party or get-together at home with something like a Coffee and Cake morning or Cheese and Wine evening can be a great way of raising funds. Get a few friends and family round, charge them a small amount and ask for additional donations can raise quite a lot and also an enjoyable fun occasion. You are likely to find people being even more supportive of your fundraising efforts the more they feel involved and enjoy helping.

Race Nights
Organising a race night at home can be very lucrative. You can get an Xbox or playstation game which shows horse races and people can bet on these through the evening. They have a chance to win money and prizes and have a lot of fun. Charge a small entry fee, perhaps do a raffle and a percentage of the ‘bookies’ takings can go to your fundraising pot.

Hopefully you can see that with a bit of effort, planning and with support from CYM you can raise the necessary funds for any of the trips we offer!  You can always email us for any advice or if you have any questions:  info@climbyourmountain.org