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Peru - Flight of Condor

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Just wondering if anyone else booked on this trip was interested in meeting at Heathrow before the flight to Madrid?


Joined: 05/12/2011
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I'm going to be on the Flight of the Condor trip but I'm flying from Manchester via Amsterdam and meeting the group at the hotel. Are you travelling on your own?

Joined: 22/12/2011
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Hi Vicky, Yes I am travelling on my own, trying to get my things together whilst keeping the weight down!
Cant wait for the next 6 weeks to pass quickly! I look forward to meeting you in Lima! Susan

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I'm not on the trip but did it a while ago. Of all the travelling I've done, this was my favourite journey. You'll have a wonderful time. Actually seeing the condors was amazing, they swoop over your heads as everyone stands in silence. I'll never forget that.. and of course, the mesmerising Machu Picchu.
Have fun!

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I can’t wait to go! and meet up with fellow travellers.
Do you have any tips on what to wear - not sure about layers, and I'm worried about getting bitten by mosquitoes - am I being paranoid? This is my first Adventure Holiday and solo - so I’m over analysing and trying to prepare for everything!! any tips welcome.


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Hi Susan

I'm really excited, it's not long now!

I'm having the same problem with packing, we seem to need such it's impossible to pack light! And I know we're supposed to take layers as it will be cold at night but chunky clothes add's drastically to the weight of your case!

Oh it's also my first solo/adventure trip! Looking forward to meeting everyone we're travelling with!

Ask away if you have any questions (can't promise I'll have any of the answers though!)


Joined: 22/12/2011
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Hi Vicky
I would have replied earlier - but disaster this week - flat above mine suffered a leak. Typical that most of the damage and inconvenience is for me downstairs! Luckily all of my holiday items/clothing were in a different room.
I really cant wait to go away now!! (may be the redecoration and replacement carpet will be done by the time I come back).

What time do you get to Lima from Amsterdam? I am supposed to land 05.30 local time in Lima on the 16 June.


Anyone else travelling on this trip flying either to Amsterdam or Madrid? We'd like to hear from you too.

Joined: 05/12/2011
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Oh no that's awful news about your flat Susan, hope it's all in the process of being sorted! Typical that it should happen just before you go on holiday. But at least you'll be even more ready for the break!

I've also realised from your last post that we're on different trips! I'm on the one that departs on 1st June! It's a shame we won't be travelling together but if I get the opportunity when away I'll be able to come on here an update you (and if you have any questions I might be in a better position to answer them!) I'm on the amazon extension as well and don't leave until 18th June so we may even cross paths in Lima!

Joined: 22/12/2011
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Woah! just a week to go then!

I bet you are really excited now. Hope you have a fab time. Let me know how the Amazon extension was as I'm not doing that.
Enjoy your trip Vicky!!

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