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Peaks of the Atlas 07/08/11

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Anyone else going on the peaks trip in August? (well I guess someone else is....!)



Joined: 28/02/2011
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Hi Phil - yes I'll be on it (that's two of us then!). Looking forward to it.

Joined: 26/02/2011
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Hi John!

Phew, am glad it's not just me, a donkey and a big mountain range! :-)

Have you been on any of these trips before? Is my first so am definitely looking forward to it. Just "researching" water purification tablets!


Joined: 28/02/2011
Posts: 2

Hi Phil - when I last spoke to the company they said these trips tend to fill up quite late so hopefully there'll be a good group of us on it :)

Haven't been to Morocco before, but I've done a bit of trekking before - in Nepal to Everest Base Camp and I did Kilimanjaro too - if this is anywhere near as good as those (Base Camp especially) then it'll be amazing!

On those trips I used a CamelSac water thingy to drink from - I'm constantly glugging water so it's really helpful. Think I used iodine drops to purify the water - pretty unpleasant taste but you get used to it! It's better than getting the squits anyway!

My email's johnkenyon90@hotmail.com if you (& anyone else coming!) want to get in touch.


Joined: 27/07/2011
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Hi Guys,

I'm one of the latecomers! I've got a bit of impromptu time off work in August so booked a bit last minute. The guy said there's now at least 10 of us so should be lots of fun.

I've been to Marrakech and Essaouira on the coast a few years ago and had a great time but was sad I didn't get up into the mountains. I did however learn a lot about rabies prophylaxis after getting bitten by a monkey in the Djeema el Fna (long story)!

Looking forward to meeting you all,


Joined: 26/02/2011
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Hi Niki!

Haha, I booked up mine in like December and I think I've only just sorted myself out(pair of new sunglasses pending) so I respect your impromptuness!! :-)

My doctors said that we didn't need rabies in the mountains....however having googled Djeema el Fna I understand and I'll keep that in mind when shopping not treking.... How bizzare! (pun intended).

I get into Gatwick around 4.30ish next week so if anyone wants to meet up before the flight I'm sure we can arrange something!


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Quick question on gear while I'm on here - what type of jacket/coat are people taking?
After the sleeping bag it's the bulkest item in the bag.
Going on websites etc. it seems to be generally dry in August if a bit chilly (though photos of people in t-shirts at the top of Toubkal) so within normal contigency planning, a decent fleece and a couple of layers would seem to be sufficient over a chunky rain coat.

Joined: 26/02/2011
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Two nice websites

I wonder what the wifi will be like? Then we can check the weather before our assent....I'm guessing there'll be at least a Starbucks or MacDs on the way up???? ;-)

One of my mates joked if I forget to take anything that I'll find a Tesco Express somewhere!

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