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Mt.Toubkal, Morocco 17th Sept

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I've just booked on to the Mt. Toubakl trek in a moment of spontaneity and financial denial, coupled with cold turkey from a lack of mountain air. Apparently spaces are very limited, so someone else apart from me and the pack mules must be on the group. Anyone wish to have a chat before the trip to share excitement, and to get the general trip banter underway?



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That sounds top preparation Rich. Did a windy and hilly 70 mile charity cycle this morning in the Cotswolds but I much prefer the sound of your method. Never been out with these guys before so little to go on, but I'm expecting it to be a blast. Am just learning the Arabic for "can you carry me please"!


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Same here Rich - went into work this morn to tie up a few loose ends, then packed up lunchtime for hols. Countdown has started (to the trip that is, not the tragic gameshow)

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Hi Marcus,

I booked onto this trip last week. Haven't been up a mountain since the winter and need a bit of sunshine too. I got the festivities going with a friend the other night smoking a shisha pipe lounging about on cushions. Don't imagine that's on the kit list for mules but really looking forward to roughing it for a bit :)

Have you ever done one of these trips before?



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70 miles in the Cotswolds - good effort. You been doing the Donnington pub tour? I'm from up that way so know the hills can be thigh burning. Great fun on the way down though :)

I'm officially on holiday and it seems real now - as does the smell of my hiking kit from it's last outing...

Reckon I'll go for the inshallah school of mountaineering, if god wishes it. If only all things in life were like that.


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