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Kilimanjaro - Machame route, departing 28th August

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Soo, anybody else going on this trip? A friend of mine has just got back and had an AMAZING time. I can't wait, am very excited!

Would be good to hear from anyone else in the group.



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I'm debating booking this trip at the moment, just come back a month ago from the Atlas Mountains trip which was excellent.

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Hello you two,
I'm from the UK as well and I live in Norwich - the flattest place in the world, I can't remember the last time I SAW a hill let alone climbed one. I've never done anything like this before and the highest I've done is a few bits around the Peak District so I'm pretty sure I'm going to find it well tricky. If there's any propping to be done may I bagsy the first shoulder please.

I've booked my jabs too - not nice. I'm going to Zanzibar afterwards so have to have a couple of additional ones, ooooh lovely. I don't think anyone else from the group is going onto Z but there was a thing on Ch5 last night about it and it looks the bomb. Extend your trip, go on it'll be GREAT!

Did I mention I was excited?


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Hey Jane,

Im going on this trip, really looking forward to it too, although with some slight nerves. Have you done anything like this before? you waiting to get your visa on entry or sorting out before? It can take upto 10 weeks from the embassy so wasn't sure.


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Thanks for the info, I had heard a similar thing when i rang them so thats good to know. Had to book in for my jabs on the 20th (ouch) and sort some malaria stuff.

Haven't done anything quite as big as Kili, im from the UK so did some climbs up Ben Nevis (scotland) and Scarfell (england) Im sure we will be able to prop each other up on the way up Kili!

Where are you both from?


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Had my jabs the other week! yellow fever which i didnt expect to get, how did yours go?

The extension sounds great but unfortunately i start a new job when i get back so i wouldn't be able to. Im sure it would be awesome!

Not long left to go now! will be seeing you on the plane!


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Hey Jane and Dan,

Im also on this trip and cant wait! In answer to your question about Visas Dan, I was told it was easier and cheaper to just sort it out at the airport. Just remember $50 and 4 passport photos. And no, Ive not done anything like this before. How about yourself?!


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Jane the Zanzibar trip sounds class, but unfortunately i need to be back for work. Im getting there a few days early tho so im fitting in a short safari. Got all my jabs and now just need to pack. Havent got a clue how its all going to fit in! See you both at the Lodge, really cant wait now! Oh and photo paul, go for it! Hope you all have a good trip over.

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