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Gorilla Safari - Uganda Aug 11

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Dear all


Gillian & I would be happy to hear from you if you are going on this trip.  I think we all travel out from Amsterdam together to start our safari, but if not,  two weeks in a tent with a long drop toilet should break the ice for the group.

We have travelled to many other countries, and last year went on a conservation study tour of Borneo, primarily looking at Orang Utans, so are giving the gorillas and chimps a try this year.  We have also visited China, Peru, South, North and West Africa, as well as Europe.  We are at the bottom end of our mid-forties, but dont let that put you off, there is plenty of life left in these old dogs.

Gillian is a teacher (top primary) and doesn't particularly enjoy being called an old dog,  and I run my own business supplying equipment for children with special needs.  We look forward to meeting you all.

Best wishes



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Hi Mick and Gillian

I am going on this trip but am on a different flight so will meet you all over there. Have also seen the Orang Utans so it seems fair to see the gorillas as well.

I come from brighton and work for local council really looking forward to the trip. I have question are you having rabies jabs as am not sure if it's necessary, my docs surgery thinks it's a good idea. Would prefer not have them and would be keen to know what others are doing.

Kind regards


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Hi Nigel, Gillian had the rabies jab last year for Borneo, but I didn't, but will take advice this week on if I need it for Uganda, with us being a little more remote. There were no real side effects from the rabies jabs other than a sore arm and an empty wallet. Regards, Mick & Gillian

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Hello there
I am also off to see the gorillas on 21st August. Like Nigel, I work for a local authority but in London (although I live in Essex) and I went with my son to Borneo last August to see the orangutans which I loved so it is a small world! Not so sure that Mick and Gillian should call themselves 'oldies' - they are youngsters to me now I am 61! Decided I must do this trip while I have still got the energy - elephants next year as I hear that is very strenuous. I have also been to China and Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in the last few years. My doctor said not to worry about rabies shot so I didn't. Have you guys got your Ugandan visa? I had to renew my passport so I am only just about to send for mine. I am flying from Heathrow early on 21st.
Look forward to meeting you all.

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Hi Lin

Our Visas took only a few days, and we posted them directly to the Ugandan Embassy and they sent them back. You must pay cash, and send a pre paid recorded delivery envelope, but it was all painless. We fly Look forward to seeing you in Uganda, Mick & Gillian.

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