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first time travel India

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having just confused myself with the visa application, I now have to move onto the next thing to think about.


never having baan to India before, I would appreciate any halpful tips..


whats best way to take currency??

is it adviseable to take own mozzie net??


anything else????




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I work in Customer Services for The Adventure Company. For India you will need to obtain Rupees on arrival as it is forbidden to take them in or out of the country. We recommend taking cash in Pounds Sterling as this is easily changed into Rupees.Credit cards are accepted in large hotels and for more expensive souvenirs; some ATM’s can be found in larger towns and cities, but cannot necessarily be relied on.

We don't recommend taking a mosquito net as hotels and tents have nets where necessary.

I hope this helps. Have a great trip,


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Thanks jenny, I was also wondering about how to take money.....are travellers cheques ok? Safer? .......decisions decisions

To the person who posted......look forward to meeting you......kathy

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Hi Kathy

My name is Sean, and I also work for the Adventure Company.

You can take travellers cheques - but the exchange rate on them is much higher than taking cash. You may also have difficulty changing them - generally only banks, major hotels etc change travellers cheques. That being said, they are a safer method of carrying your money.

As Jenny said you can use ATMs to get money - but these are only found in major cities, and you should make sure that your card is authorised for use in India (often overseas countries are barred - to prevent fraudulent transactions).

I hope that helps.


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There seems to be conflicting views on anti malaria tablets.

As Rajasthan is viewed as a low to no risk area for malaria, (plus non rainy season beg. April) are people still bothering with these awful tablets?

Any comment would be great.

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Hi Carolyn,

I have been advised to take them, but also going to Varanasi, not sure if that makes a difference.

But I figure taking a few tablets is worth doing to avoid some misery later.

Ive also found on previous travels that you can spray yourself senseless with repellent but the little devils still get you.


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thanks for replies..

When are you off Kathy?? I'm going over Easter.

My nurse at travel clinic said its not needed to take the malaria tablets..... she just jabbed me with a needle or two and sent me on my way!!


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Hi lomas,

Yes, also going over Easter...2 April.

Well, I just don't know what to do over this malaria thing now. Went onto NHs website and they recommended for Goa, am going there......

Is anyone else travelling solo?

:). kathy

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see you then Kathy


am going solo too!

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Does anyone know if you can skype easily from India?

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