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Everest Base Camp Via Gokyo Lakes

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How do,

I am booked on the above trip leaving on the 16th October 2009; it is getting closer and my excitment is increasing as the days pass. Would be good to hear from anyone else who has also booked this trip or anyone who has done this trip and would like to share their experiences.



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Yes it is approaching at a rapid pace and my excitment is growing just as quick. My brother is also travelling on this trip and we both need to start concentrating on gear as well. It was good to fully pay for the trip the other day, makes it even more real now.

One of my friends did the EBC back in April and said it was a lifetime experience and the sense of achievement upon reaching the base camp is memorable; I too think the Gokyo route will be more spectacular. Will be good to finally get the trip under way, we originally booked our place a year ago. It has been a long wait!

Good to hear from you,

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hi there
This is a truly amazing route - I went in October a few years ago and it was breathtaking. Going up Gokyo Ri for sunrise and seeing the panoramic views of the Himalayas is something I will never forget. The Cho La Pass was certainly a challenge but well worth the effort and the photos say it all! I have done both routes to Everest Base Camp (also via Tengboche) but I think the Gokyo route was the best, although both amazing.

Good luck

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Hey Stu.

Yeah - I'm booked on the 16th October Gokyo trip also ! Traveling with two good friends ( Leon & Neil ).
We're really beginning to get excited about this now - as it seems much closer all of a sudden. We've started
gear shopping, and have a few trekking weekends coming up too - which is all building up the excitement nicely.

A friend at work recently did the standard EBC trek - and she says that was amazing... but, I have a sneaky that the
Gokyo route will be even more spectacular.

I've been to Peru with the Adventure Comp 2 yrs ago - and everything was supa organised too.

Are you going alone or with some friends/family ?


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