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Everest Base Camp 4th November

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I am going on the Everest Base Camp trip on November 4th and thought it might be nice to speak to any others going on the trip before we left. So let me know if you are booked on the same trip.


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Hi Jo, I'm Tim from North Wales and I'll be travelling with two of my work colleagues, Dave and Glenda.
I'm quite apprehensive as I've never attempted anything like this before! (I suppose 45 is as good an age as any to start though.) Have you been to this part of the world before? Having never travelled to any part of Asia I'm really looking forward to experiencing the culture- new sounds, smells, sights etc.. The though of looking at a starry sky with NO light pollution night after night seems a pretty cool thing too.
Looking forward to meeting up,

Joined: 26/10/2010
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Hi Tim

I have never tried anything like this before , but 'what the heck' im with you - anything for a challenge. I am starting to get butterflies as it gets closer, probably as i am travelling alone, so hopefully when we all meet up i will feel better.

Hopefully we can all meet in the airport


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I'm Chris, 33, from Manchester and will be travelling with my brother Simon who is a bit older but i've started to lose count now..
We did Kilimanjaro together back in 2005 and this is going to be just as good I expect.
And Tim, lived in Snowdonia last year so got familiar with the local scenery, stunning! not quite the same scale though..
Looking forward to it now..

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Hi guys, I'm Mike, 27 (Have been told I look older though...) am I'm going to be travelling on my own too, oddly enough none of my friends nor anyone from the office fancied using their holiday to go anywhere lacking a beach.
I've not tried anything like this before either, I try and go to Snowdon once a month but thats about it....
I'm can't believe how the quick the weeks are going until we leave, its almost time to pack!
Will see you all at the airport hopefully


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My wife and I did the Base camp trip 3 years ago and it was an absolutely fantastic experience. The guides are brilliant, the scenery is spectacular and the people are friendly.It is hard work, especially if you want to do Kala Patar the day after base camp but it is certainly worth the effort. For training purposes we went out walking every other weekend and did about 15 miles each time we went out. We also did a weekend in the lakes and Snowdonia prior to the trip but nothing prepares you for the altitude if you've never experienced it before. The guides take their time with you and drink plenty of water....Enjoy
I think we'll be on the same flight as we're going to India for 2 weeks on the Wildlife Safari

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My two fellow travellers and I are travelling by train to london, arriving in euston early afternoonish. Hoping to chill in that there london for a few hours so we can leisurely make our way to check in at Heathrow early evening.
You can find me on Facebook- I'm the Tim Roberts standing by a tree. Friend me and we can all get in touch nearer the day too.

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Nice, I work about 3 minutes' walk from Euston. I will be working the morning and mooching around from there on in......

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