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Cuba for families- anyone recieved any useful tips ?

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After many years waiting I’m finally getting to go to Cuba, so obviously I want to make the most of it. If anyone has ideas, recommendations or just wants to share what they are learning in preparation please get in touch.



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I really enjoyed my trip with The Adventure Co to Cuba. It's a fascinating country and the people are very warm and welcoming.

Top Tips

Learn some simple Spanish - helps interacting with the locals
Be patient - Cuba is very laid back and something's take a while
Try snorkelling in Trinidad - the coral and fish life is excellent
Try pineapple juice in Vinales - home of the pineapple and the juice/cocktails amazing
Takes batteries/torch/western medical supplies - all very expensive in Cuba so try to pack all that you will need
visit the artist market in Havana - talented artists reside here and well worth a look

Hope this helps!

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Thank you. Best I get going with the spanish. ( well best may daughter get going ).

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went 3 years ago with young teenage girls.
we went to havanna - for one day but wish we (including kids) could have spent more days here.
try snorkelling / scuba if you can.
also visited countryside and small village / town and family home.
People are very friendly and we felt very safe.
i think you will enjoy it as we did very much and plan to go back again.

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Anyone going to Cuba 31st July?

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