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Atlas vs Kili

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I was thinking of doing Kilijanjaro but then spoke to someone who did it and read the information and decided it might not be the best idea for my first trip at high altitude, perhaps something a bit lower would be a better starting point and then build to Kili the year after (and then Inca and Base Camp Everest ;-)

So I looked at the 15 day Atlas Mountain trip and really have been taken by it.

But is it as "bad" as Kili?  Have I exchanged one stupid tough event for another????!!

Any advice would be helpful.  


Not that it apparently matters for altitude sickness but I'm a pretty fit 28 year old guy (if the trek was at a lower level I wouldn't have any issues about the distance etc.)




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Hey, I reckon if you want to do Kilimanjaro the best way of knowing how you will react at high altitude is to go for Everest Base Camp trek first. The highest altitude on that trek is around 400m lower than the summit of Kilimanjaro. Toubkal in the Atlas is only about 4000m which although high it isnt the same.

I am just back from the EBC Gokyo trek and the next trek for me will be Kilimanjaro. It was my first trek at altitude and I got on fine. I'm just a few years older than you aswell. You just need to keep hydrated and not overdo it...

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That is quite interesting! My plan was to do Kili, then maybe the Inca Trail and "finish off" with Base Camp Everest as the pinnacle of trekking trips! But perhaps I'll have to rethink my holiday strategy!!

I'll take encouragement that Toubkai isn't as "bad" as the others and thus should be an ok beginner trip!

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I'm actually doing it the other way round, I climbed Kili back in February and am just about to head off to do Mt Toubkal next week.
I haven't been to Morocco yet so can't tell you how hard that is, but before Kili I had never even trekked above 2500m before (and that was only once) and I still managed to get to Uhuru Peak.
All I can say is, don't let the fact you haven't done any high altitude climbing before put you off. I know people who have been fine at altitude on one climb and terrible with it on another smaller climb. It's tough but just train hard, drink loads of water, choose a longer route and you will make it!
Good luck with whatever you decide :)

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I have the same opinion. Choose a small challenge when you first next year will climb another mountain

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