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Adventure Nepal - 7th October

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Looking for fellow travellers that are heading to Nepal on the 7th...

It's the first time I've ever done anything like this so I'm very excited but also a little nervous.. I haven't even bought a backpack yet - better get a move on!




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I will be going on this trip too! We should be around 10-15 people from what I gather.

If you need any advice on backpacks etc, let me know. Best is to visit one of the shops (Ellis Brigham or Costwolds - depends which part of UK you are in, one is more stocked than the other) - the selection is excellent.



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Hi Conrad!

Thanks for getting back to me. I've since found out there's 14 of us.. though the others are keeping quiet :)

Managed to get a great daypack and I'm borrowing a big backpack from from one of my friends. Not having a great time with the anti-malaria tablets but never mind. Are you all set? I've still got a few bits to get.

3 days to go!


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Hi Kat,

That's good - quite a sizeable group considering that the max is 18. I'm fine, just need to get some stuff from London tomorrow before flying en-route via Doha, Qatar.

I'm fine with the anti-malarial tablets - tried them out in other treks before. We really need them for the Chitwan Jungle but unlikely for anywhere else.

I have to choose between two large backpacks now...and need to decide whether to get a sleeping bag or hire one.

Tomorrow's the day! Hope you're doing fine.


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You guys must be back from your trip soon so any hints/tips for those of us that leave on 28th October?

Spending Money?
Kit Challenges?
Optional Extras?

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