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Adventure Nepal 18 April

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Hi - would be great to talk to anyone on our trip before we go. My wife and I have never been to Asia, but we like an adventure!


Joined: 15/02/2011
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hi im from northern ireand and im on your trip. havent done anything like this before. really looking forward to it...should be good craic haha

Joined: 11/01/2011
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Should be great. Never been to Asia, so this will be a bit of a shock. From what I'm reading the Kathmandu quick step is the thing to avoid... From Yorkshire BTW, but live in exile in Edinburgh.

Joined: 15/02/2011
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ah your in a better part of the world now haha..yea as i said ive a few friends who have done this trip and they say the pace is really slow so people can get aclimatised.apparently kathmandu is a real amazing place has to be seen to be believed...

Joined: 13/01/2011
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Hi, I'm also on this trip, really looking forward to it! Ive never been to asia before and Ive never done anything like it either so shall be an experience for us then
It feels like its really crept up, suddenly realising how unprepared I am!
Yasmin (from essex)

Joined: 15/02/2011
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hi...it wll be even better now theres an essex girl oon our trip hahaha...only joking..cannot believe im actually going to be doing this lol..you looking forward to it?

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Hello peeeps... !!!

I'm locked and loaded for the Adventure nepal trip...
T-5... coming up pretty soon!

Any idea how much cash to carry? Been told that you might need to tip folk on the trip.
I'm Indian... but a bit of a nomad.

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