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Active in the Pyrenees- 18th September 2011

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Someone has to be the first, so thought, why not

Welcome to the 18th September - Active in the Pyrenees. . . .

Guess you can work out from the profile name me and active are not a marriage made in heaven - but nothing ventured and all that

Come say hello and introduce yourselves. . .   unless there is just going to be me and a bike and raft and wire - well at least I wont feel so bad for always being at the back!!

david xx


Joined: 06/09/2011
Posts: 2

Hi David and all

I'm also going on the active in Pyrenees trip, and can't wait! First holiday of the year and not long to go now! I was starting to wonder if anyone else was on the trip! So anyway I'm Andrew by the way and currently living in milton Keynes


Joined: 31/08/2011
Posts: 3

I thought I had replied to your posting, but either age / stupidity or the system has been playing against me.

Andy - good to meet you

Getting nervous now - nothing like this has ever entered my life before - normally a pool, a sunlounger, lots of drink and several books is a holiday for me

See you at T5 on Sunday - too too early!

Joined: 06/09/2011
Posts: 2

Not long now! Bags all packed, just need to get last little bits now!Yeah it is rather early, thinking a breakfast is in order while waiting for boarding!
Im sure youll love it, anyway ill see you Sunday morning.
Take it easy
Ps 07740349277 my number

Joined: 17/09/2011
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We haven't been very organised in posting anything ahead of time. We are packed and looking forward to going - not sure the early start tomorrow will be the highlight of the holiday though...
Hope to see you all at T5!

Ian & Mary (from Oxfordshire)

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