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Adventures in Sweden

To holiday in Sweden is to experience a country of unspoilt natural beauty. Its masses of ancient, coniferous forests punctuated by crystal-clear lakes and more than 10,000km of trekking and bicycle paths making it the perfect natural setting for an outdoor activity holiday all year round. 

Dependent on departure date the types of active adventure available vary. In the summer enjoy trekking, canoeing, mountaineering, rafting and sailing; while in winter skiing, skating, snowshoeing, dog-sledding and ice-climbing are all available – as is the opportunity to spend a night in the famous Ice Hotel. Winter also offers the opportunity to explore the preserved, unpopulated national parks of Swedish Lapland with the magnificent natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights sparkling above.

Whenever you take Swedish holidays, the warm people, thriving urban delights (including the magical capital, Stockholm), bountiful historical sites and awe-inspiring landscapes offer endless opportunities whatever the make up of your travelling party, from those travelling alone to family groups looking for adventure, Adventure Company organised tours have something for everyone.


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