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Region Highlights: 

Picos de Europa

Alhambra Palace

Camino de Santiago

Adventure holidays in Spain

A land of magnificence and chaos, colour and history; joining an Adventure Company holiday to Spain will take you to one of Europe’s most majestic countries, brimming over with energy, culture and the remnants of a glorious history. Travel to Spain reveals first-class museums, art galleries and historic Moorish dome-topped buildings, as well as having some of the best walking and trekking routes in Europe. At night the country comes alive in a nation famous for its food, and dancing at vibrant fiestas. The perfect combination of culture and adventure!

Organised Spanish tours enable travellers to make the most out of any destination, often allowing travellers to experience far more of a region than could ever be managed travelling alone, and Spain is no exception. Often dismissed as the land of the quick beach getaway, the country’s diverse and dramatic geography and reliable climate makes it a perfect location for outdoor activity holidays in Europe. From the emerald countryside, coastal inlets and rolling limestone mountains of the north to semi-arid land, rugged snow-capped Pyrenees and Mediterranean waters of the south, adventure holidays in Spain are certain to offer an adrenaline fuelled experience, including kayaking, wildlife-spotting, surfing, mountain biking, trekking and rafting. 

Worldwide Spain Adventures

On our adult Spanish trips you can:

  • Absorb the art and culture of vibrant Madrid
  • Feel the passion of traditional flamenco in Seville
  • Soak up the cosmopolitan vibe of Barcelona and sample the finest tapas
  • Lie back and relax on the beaches of San Sebastian
  • Trek through the Pyrenees across the borders of France and Spain
  • Explore the dramatic Picos de Europa National Park, wandering through spectacular scenery

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Family Spanish Delights

While we don't offer direct trips to Spain for our families we do offera trip to Andorra, squeezed between Spain and France, that visits Spain for a day. On this trip you can:

  • Go cycling and walking through the Pyrenees
  • Take a 4WD down the old smuggler's route off-roading
  • Cross into Spain to try white water rafting.

More on our Family Spainish Trip

Spain Map

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Family Holidays in Spain

Families looking for a fun cultural adventure holiday to Spain are also well catered for, with a vast array of activities to keep even young children entertained. The beautiful countryside is worthy of exploration, and you can base yourself right in the heart of it all by arranging a stay on a traditional farm – peaceful for parents and entertaining for the children. Take a boat trip along the stunning Spanish coast and try your hand at cooking local dishes under the watchful gaze of a local chef! 

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