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Jordan's huge range of tourist attractions didn't disappoint

For such a relatively small country, Jordan sure does have more than its fair share of amazing world famous landmarks. For people who are enthusiastic about both natural and man-made history, this Middle Eastern country is surely a must-see destination. When I travelled to Jordan, I couldn't make up my mind as to which places I wanted to see the most.

The Amazon or not to Amazon?

What a perfect end to a breath taking trip.  I’d cruised Lake Titicaca, walked the Inca Trail and seen Machu Picchu in all its glory.  Did I want to go home – no!

After saying goodbye to my group that I had spent the last week with, I joined another group of people who had been travelling on other Adventure Company trips.  There were 12 of us in total, some had been trekking the High Inca Trail others has spent 3 weeks taking in the sights and sounds of Peru.

Up in the Clouds

It was finally here, we were packing our 7kg duffle bags, ready to take on the challenge of the Inca Trail.  There was apprehension and anxiety within the group, all of us doing this challenge for different reasons!  Even though we all had gone through the trip notes with a fine tooth comb no one really knew what to expect or what to pack!

Peru is already a huge draw for travellers - and it's likely to get bigger

Peru's popularity will only grow as the country continues to invest in key tourism sites like Lake Titicaca.

Peru is a hugely popular tourist destination - and one of the finest places to visit in South America. Whether you're after a little hustle and bustle in the country's capital Lima or a trekking expedition in the mountains - Peru has it all.

Then there's the culture, history and beauty - which adventure holidays travellers are constantly reminded of.

Celebrating 100 years of the ultimate walking experience - Machu Picchu

What is your dream destination for a walking holiday? Kathmandu? The Great Wall of China? Mount Kilimanjaro?

Atlas Adventure 24/04/11 - 01/05/11 Photos

Hi guys,

I've attached a few photos from last week below - I don't know if this is the right place but it seems as good as any. I've tried to leave out all the moving pictures of the floor.

It was good to walk with you all - a really good week. Shall maybe see a few of you again some time.

All the best.


All along the Lycian Way!

As we touched down in Dalaman airport, the Turquoise Coast shimmering before us, I knew it was going to be a fantastic holiday.

We were going to do the Lycian Way, a 500km waymarked path, which I had read was listed by the Sunday Times as one of the world’s Top Ten Walks. Definitely worth a shot! Though we we’re going to do miss out some of the longer more remote mountainous stretches and concentrate on the villages and delicious bays that run along the coast.

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