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Travellers Tales

Top 5 must-see sites around the world

I recently returned from a trip around the world where I was lucky enough to see some of the most incredible sites in India, Cambodia, Eastern Africa and Vietnam, In some instances, it was the sheer magnitude of a landscape that mesmerised me , or I was left speechless staring at a single tile of an ancient ruin, possibly thousands of years old. So I wanted to share my top five must see-sites from around the world that I've visited.

Top 5 things to do in Cuba with kids

The atmosphere throughout Cuba is vibrant and lively; it has an intoxicating feel and a visit will leave you full of historical knowledge and with a passion for dance. I love Cuba because it's a friendly, beautiful place to take your kids. There's excitement, cultural enrichment and education, plus it has some of the best beaches in Latin America. Havana has just been named world's 'best destination' according to Wanderlust readers and rightly so. It's a must for families to experience the incredible ambiance of Cuba.

Galapagos Adventure

Travellers Tales: Galapagos Adventure

24/8/13 -5.30pm

Up at 2am at Heathrow for 6.30am flight to Amsterdam.

After 11 hours, I finally made it to our meeting point hotel, San Francisco de Quito, but still had another 2 hours flight time ahead of us early the next morning.  I was shattered.

6.pm- The hotel room was nice and I was ready and waiting to meet my roommate, plus yet to meet the others.

Central America on a shoestring

Old running shoes are not ideal footwear for hiking an active volcano. I learned this the hard way a few years ago when I climbed Pacaya, one of three volcanoes surrounding the colonial city of Antigua in Guatemala. There was no mistaking the smell of burning rubber as the soles of my trainers melted almost clean away from the rest of my shoes, before I’d even reached one of the golden-orange rivers of lava.

India in a week

Day 1 Arrive Delhi

I arrive in Delhi to the shock that the airport, aside from some 70s-style carpets, is one of the nicest, most modern and cleanest I’ve seen in a long time. A cavernous arrival hall makes the place feel strangely empty and adds to the phased out feeling always brought on by an overnight flight.

The transfer guide is easy to find and I wait a few minutes before jumping in the car to the hotel. Not before hiking halfway across the airport and through the various car parks to where I’m parked.

From Russia with love

I think I already had a pre conceived idea of what Russia would be like, gloom, poverty and widespread political repression. However I was blown away by how different the reality really was.

Instant Shawarma

I am ashamed of myself. Less than three months before my wedding, and on my first trip to Egypt, I have fallen in love. With a kebab. Where I come from they’re traditionally the late night fuel of drunken pubbers and clubbers, whose primary function is to serve as a greasy sponge to soak up at least some of the alcohol consumed during the course of the night, and restore a sense of order to the insides.

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