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solo holidays

Everest 2011

Trip number 3 with the adventure company was to Everest Base Camp in Nepal.

This trip was immense and something i will remember and look back on forever! kathmandu was busy, dirty and a bit mad but im glad i have experienced it and seen the sights, even the cremations on the river bank. I was one of the lucky ones and managed to avoid getting ill on the trip!.

Easter in South Africa

I have just returned from a whirlwind trip through South Africa's little-visited KwaZulu-Natal and all I can say is Wow!


I haven’t been to Africa before so wasn’t sure what to expect, we were camping so I was quite worried about that aspect as well. I needn’t have bothered as the accommodation was wonderful and much better than expected all very clean and comfortable. The locals were very friendly and all wanted to chat to you and find out where you were from. We stayed in 3 different places and the diversity of each was like having 3 different holidays.  Firstly by the lake at Naivasha with Hippos keeping you awake in the night.  We saw such a variety of birds.

Ice, Fire and Northern Lights in Iceland

Our two Northern Lights tours are now returned from Iceland where both groups experienced some superb auroral displays. After a couple of days enjoying Reykjavik, Iceland’s small and cosy capital, the groups travelled to the Lake Myvatn in the North of the country which provided dark skies by night and stunning landscape during the days when the group were able to enjoy a range a activities from energetic cross country skiing, skiidoing or volcano hikes to relaxing in the 'Nature Baths' - a huge pool fed by volcanically heated water.

Travelling in Egypt - Spring 2011

Last week (2 April 2011) I returned from my third trip to Egypt’s Valley in which I visited Luxor, Aswan and a number of temples in between. In many people’s minds Egypt is synonymous with history and the ancient Egyptians but cruising down the Nile made me realise that Egypt is a stunningly beautiful land too with the verdant green banks, pulsing with village life, palm trees and crop cultivation set against the yellow of the ever present hills and desert beyond.   


Once Africa has stolen your heart, there is no turning back. I first visited fifteen years ago and still dream of emigrating there to work on a safari. It's about as close to heaven as I'll ever come. Safaris are the closest most of us will ever get to wildlife in the natural world. They’re exciting because they are unpredictable. You never know what's going to happen or what you're going to see.

Snowshoeing in the mountains

To be honest Bulgaria is a place which didn’t conjure up the most exciting expectations. I can not get away from its communist Eastern European block image, but I joined the trip thinking I knew nothing of the country or the region and was interested to get a truer perspective of what it’s like.

The flight is just over 2 hours from the UK and after another hour and a half transfer we arrived in our hotel for the night. As we arrived early evening we were surrounded by darkness so, so far I had seen nothing of the country apart from a shiny new airport.

Trains, plains and game drives

My first trip to Africa: I really wanted to avoid the crowds and see some real life before chilling out and doing nothing for a few days.

Cuba libre!

People have been saying for years now that you have to go to Cuba before it changes and this is definitely true.  Its culture and political system are completely unique in the modern world.  It is starting to change slowly bringing more positive changes for the Cuban people but it is still in a world of its own.  I was constantly amazed by all the elegant classic cars on the roads and how they are still running after all of this time!

Atlas adventure

I had never been trekking or on a group trip on my own, so I landed with some trepidation at Marrakech airport. My fears were soon allayed, when the group received a warm welcome from our guide, Lahcen, and I was soon surprised at how well we all got on.

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