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everest base camp trek

All the hard work is worthwhile on the Everest Base Camp tour

Taking on the Everest Base Camp trek is comfortably the most physically exerting, yet ultimately rewarding thing that I have ever done. It is surely one of the most challenging walks that anyone could ever wish to embark on, but the views along the way make all the extra effort worthwhile.

Everest Base Camp: Experiencing the real Nepal

We all know the famous saying: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". I tend to take this pearl of wisdom with me when embarking on any adventure holiday, so when in Nepal, I will endeavour to do as the Nepalese do.

Everest 2011

Trip number 3 with the adventure company was to Everest Base Camp in Nepal.

This trip was immense and something i will remember and look back on forever! kathmandu was busy, dirty and a bit mad but im glad i have experienced it and seen the sights, even the cremations on the river bank. I was one of the lucky ones and managed to avoid getting ill on the trip!.

Everest Base Camp Trek - 4th November 2011

Just a blog to chat to those who are on the same trip and also to speak to others about any Do's and Dont's whilst on the trip.

My Girlfriend and I had a deal last year that I picked last years holiday and she could pick this years...... Everest!!!

First of all this is my first Blog EVER!!! and secondly this will be my first 'Group Style' Holiday.

I open this up for anyone who can share any thoughts and opinions on the up and coming 'Ramble'!!!! and any other fellow '4th November 2011' trekkers!!.....

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