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Six things you've got to do in Cambodia

Heading to Cambodia and overwhelmed by its incredible choice of activities, ruins and adventures? Here are our top six things that you’ve just got to do in Cambodia!

Central America on a shoestring

Old running shoes are not ideal footwear for hiking an active volcano. I learned this the hard way a few years ago when I climbed Pacaya, one of three volcanoes surrounding the colonial city of Antigua in Guatemala. There was no mistaking the smell of burning rubber as the soles of my trainers melted almost clean away from the rest of my shoes, before I’d even reached one of the golden-orange rivers of lava.

Impressions of Burma

I’ve been back from Burma now for just over a month and still finding myself dreaming about the things that I learnt, the people that I met and the images that I saw!

It’s hard to pick out the highlights on this trip...

Nightfall at Shedagon Pagoda?  The temples of Bagan?  Boating on Inle Lake? The people of Burma?

Why Zanzibar is the most romantic place on earth

Ellie Goldsmith and Ben Pinington recently got engaged on our Rift Valley Safari trip with Zanzibar extension. With love in the air we decied to find out more about their trip and the wonderful proposal. 

We wanted to know more from Ellie and Ben about their fabulous group holiday to Tanzania and Zanzibar and  find out why they loved safari.

1. Why did you choose Tanzania and Zanzibar?

Jordan is family-friendly as well as fascinating

Most people may assume that the intriguing historical sights of Jordan are best explored alone or as a couple - well I can categorically say they are wrong.

Make no bones about it, the country is fantastic if you are on your own, but to the surprise of many, the Jordan offers family-friendly holiday that is welcoming and fascinating. Throughout the entire duration of the trip the kids were able to play football and other games with the very hospitable local youngsters, which really did make the holiday extra special.

Turkey is my ultimate activity holiday hotspot

Our family activity holidays in Turkey are great for families seeking adventure and relaxation.

It is little wonder that Turkey holidays are so immensely popular among Britons these days. Not only is the country blessed with stunning beaches and red hot weather, but the locals are friendly, the restaurants are superb and, best of all, there is a multitude of activities to engage in.

India's stunning architecture left me amazed

The old saying that "slow and steady wins the race" tends to ring true in many aspects of life and this is certainly the case when it comes to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, as I found out. There are a number of different ways to get to the top of the famous African mountain and each route requires a certain level of commitment and physical fitness.

My Tibetan Holiday - a day by day account


Overnight flight to Kathmandu


Day 3 Kathmandu

On arrival in Kathmandu we transferred to the lovely Hotel Tibet. After a briefing from the Guide the evening was free so a group of us opted for dinner in a nearby restaurant.

A meal for 6 which included a drink and main course with some shared starters worked out at £28 between us (550 rupees per person). Evening entertainment was experiencing an Earthquake! (8.6 on the Richter scale). The floor moved but fortunately nothing was broken.

The Amazon or not to Amazon?

What a perfect end to a breath taking trip.  I’d cruised Lake Titicaca, walked the Inca Trail and seen Machu Picchu in all its glory.  Did I want to go home – no!

After saying goodbye to my group that I had spent the last week with, I joined another group of people who had been travelling on other Adventure Company trips.  There were 12 of us in total, some had been trekking the High Inca Trail others has spent 3 weeks taking in the sights and sounds of Peru.

My Experience of a Cuba Holiday

Ever wondered what a Cuba Holiday would be like? Read this blog from one of our travellers to see their curiosity and what they found exploring Cuba.

"I’d heard so much about this Caribbean Island and was intrigued to find out about the post-revolutionary social structure and couldn’t wait to see the architectural wonders of the pre-revolutionary period. I'd also heard great things about the walking, the waterfalls and the beaches.

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