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Cuba libre!

People have been saying for years now that you have to go to Cuba before it changes and this is definitely true.  Its culture and political system are completely unique in the modern world.  It is starting to change slowly bringing more positive changes for the Cuban people but it is still in a world of its own.  I was constantly amazed by all the elegant classic cars on the roads and how they are still running after all of this time!

On Safari

Tanzania is famed for its safaris so Nicola Jackson takes a less crowded route for an undiluted and multisensory African adventure on the mainland before finishing with an island hop to sultry Zanzibar.

We ate lunch overlooking a lion's buffet. About 30 antelope were grazing at the lake's edge, their plump hides contrasting gold with the salad-green lily pads. It was deliciously quiet. I thought about the predatory lioness we had been tracking just ten minutes earlier, but I bit my lip and perched near the bonnet, occasionally scanning the grass for a twitch of feline ears.

Tracking in Tanzania

Ruth Bridger who won our writing competition at the end of last year tells us all about her Tanzanian adventure...

Elephants and temples

What was it that you liked best about our holiday’, I asked my son - trying to remember all the highlights of our summer trip, ‘the elephant safari, the dugout canoe or reaching the World’s End?’ He thought for a moment then grinned. ‘The brilliant knock-about games on the beach with our Group leader Ruwan’. I might have guessed...the cricket.

I’ve always known Sri Lanka, the land of Serendip and constant surprises, is a ‘top destination’ among our customers – but now that I’ve travelled there with my family, I can understand why.

Felucca adventures

The winner of our writing competition, Julie Musk, tells us all about the Felucca Adventure she had with her family in Egypt.

"Our two children (aged 8 and 10) will hopefully have some great memories of our family adventure experience. The tombs and temples were awesome, full of hidden meanings, which our guide Ahmed did his best to explain. Each visit to a different site reinforced some of what we’d learnt and each place had its own unique atmosphere.

Living the Jungle Book Dream

Having gone to India hopeful of seeing one or maybe two tigers, this trip far surpassed my expectations! If you think of safari trips, then seeing the big five in Africa might spring to mind, but India is an equally fantastic destination for seeing a whole wealth of animal and birdlife.

Land of the Dragon

We came back just as the final preparations were being done for the Olympics - Beijing had had quite a make over and the air quality was much improved over the period of our visit. 

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