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Adventure Company traveller, Paula McNamara discovers the delights on India on her first adventure

It was something I had never done before, and in truth, not something that I ever wanted to do. But when I stepped off the plane into the chaos of Delhi, yes, it was a culture shock but within moments, I was fascinated.

24 hours in Hanoi

Yes, it can’t all be done in 24 hours but you can try your hardest. Here’s what you can expect from a day in Hanoi.


Is there a way to enjoy public transport on your daily commute?

Public transport couldn’t be more exciting because it’s the best platform for people watching.

Safe practices for a happy Holi

The Holi festival is upon us and we've been in the streets of Pushkar, thrown paint at each other and had the looks in Heathrow when our green hair is on display. So, although festival season in India is a great cultural eye opener and bags of fun, we've got a few tips to keep you safe whilst travelling in festival season and to make sure you have the best adventure.

Central America on a shoestring

Old running shoes are not ideal footwear for hiking an active volcano. I learned this the hard way a few years ago when I climbed Pacaya, one of three volcanoes surrounding the colonial city of Antigua in Guatemala. There was no mistaking the smell of burning rubber as the soles of my trainers melted almost clean away from the rest of my shoes, before I’d even reached one of the golden-orange rivers of lava.

Impressions of Burma

I’ve been back from Burma now for just over a month and still finding myself dreaming about the things that I learnt, the people that I met and the images that I saw!

It’s hard to pick out the highlights on this trip...

Nightfall at Shedagon Pagoda?  The temples of Bagan?  Boating on Inle Lake? The people of Burma?

Experience the Volcanoes of Costa Rica

The Arenak Volcano in Costa Rica is one of the country's 50 or more volcanoes. Over the past fifty years the Arenal volcano has been the most active of the country's six active volcanoes. An Adventure Companyholiday in Costa Rica can include time in the Arenal National Park, enjoying thermal springs and heated pools whilst viewing the Arenal volcano. A recent visitor to Costa Rica shared this blog post with us...

Q&A with a globe trotting teenage

Tom is perhaps one of the luckiest 13 year olds we know - he just got back from Costa Rica and he has travelled with his parents, Cathy and Mark, all over the world. We asked Tom to share his memories and thoughts on travelling with us.

1. What do you think of adventure holidays?

They are really fun! You get to eat great food, do great activities and explore amazing places.

2. You’ve been going away on exciting holidays since you were little, what do you like most about travelling?

Family Adventure Holiday Experiences from Cathy, Mark and Tom

The Kingsbury family, Cathy, Mark and Tom are one of our most prolifent family explorers. They have been all over the world and Tom took his first trip with us aged just 6. We decided to quiz them on their adventurous spirit.

Insider's view: An Indian Summer

My name is Sheikh Junaid and I lead some of The Adventure Company's India trips.

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