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Why going solo can make for the best adventure holidays

If anyone else is like me, they will know at least one couple that spends endless amounts of time uploading reams and reams of their holiday snaps on to Facebook.While some may find it nice to see said duo lovingly share a cocktail on the beach or riding a tandem bicycle through the mountains, for those who have not met their perfect match yet - or worse still, have recently broken up with their partner - such photos are probably the last thing you want to see.

However, all is not lost. I have found that heading off on a solo holiday is the perfect way to meet new people while also travelling around some of the world's most exotic places at the same time. Although it can be daunting at first, biting the bullet and heading away on your own is a massive confidence booster and there is no chance of a conflict of interests, or bickering with a partner putting a downer on your trip.  As a keen walker, I think that embarking on trekking trips is the way forward for singletons. Spending time getting to know other hikers and helping them along the tricky paths of Nepal or Peru is a certain way to build bonds with like-minded people that often last for life. Who knows? There could be the potential for romance as you wind your way along the trails leading up to Mount Kilimanjaro or Everest.

Personally speaking, though, the best solo holiday experience has to be a safari trip to Africa. Seeing creatures like giraffes, elephants and wildebeest in their natural environment for the first time is something that is as powerful whether you are alone, with a loved one or with a group. Watching a fearsome pride of lions prowl around the vehicle you are sharing with a group of strangers can also be an extremely effective icebreaker!

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Serengeti Explorer

Africa, Tanzania | 10 days
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Game drives - Tanzania
Unforgettable safari in world-famous game reserves, including Serengeti and Ngorongoro.

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20 December 2011

I've just booked my first trip as a solo traveller with mixed feelings.

I'm really looking forward to my adventure in Nepal and although part of me is still wishing I was going with someone special that I could share it with and build memories, another part is excited (and a little nervous) about having the courage to go it alone.

How will it work out? Watch this space.