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Visit Vietnam for a real family adventure

Searching for the ideal place to take a family holiday really doesn't need to be stressful, well it isn't in my household anyway. Both my partner and I had always dreamt of spending a few weeks in the beautiful country that is Vietnam, so at least we were always singing from the same hymn sheet.

The biggest obstacle was explaining to the kids that exploring the delights of the Mekong Delta, Hanoi and Halong Bay would be far more exciting than spending a fortnight being herded around by people dressed as Disney characters. However, once I had shown them a few pictures and video clips of the lush beaches and vast range of activities that Vietnam has to offer, they were firmly on board.

Once we arrived, they were soon very glad to have made such a decision. It's hard to imagine a destination that has more to see and do than Vietnam. There really is something for the whole family and all of us returned having had an immensely enjoyable time. While the children were regaled by water puppet shows in Hanoi and the adventure of going on an overnight boat trip from Halong Bay, the highlight for me was boarding the famous Reunification Express train.

I cannot recommend such excursions highly enough. Organised trips can be an excellent way to see a country as a family, but it is also nice to have some free time to do what ever you like. In Vietnam, there are so many markets, boat trips and beaches to walk around there really is never a dull moment.

Despite their early reservations, the kids were soon gripped by the magic of the nation and spent every morning bursting into our hotel room attempting to wake up my partner and I in anticipation of the next day's adventure on our Vietnam Holiday. Good Morning Vietnam indeed.

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Scenic Vietnam

Asia, Vietnam | 17 days
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Halong bay at sunset - Vietnam
A fascinating rail journey aboard the reunification express. Experience the scenic, historical and cultural delights of this fascinating country from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.

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