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My trip to Iceland

I've just got back from an exciting trip to Iceland where I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights. Seeing this magnificent natural wonder come to life before your eyes was amazing, I can't recommend it enough.

Seeing the Northern Lights

On the evening of 28th February our first Icelandic northern lights tour was treated to a superb display of the aurora borealis. Shortly after dinner Dr John Mason, our astronomy expert reported the arc of the lights in the north and the group put on their warm cloths and filed outside to the viewing area. As the evening continued the auroral activity increased and waves, rays and curtains of green and red light mesmerised us all. Under the crystal clear skies many stood watching until well after midnight. The sight of this truly wonderful spectacle was unforgettable.

Snowshoeing in the mountains

To be honest Bulgaria is a place which didn’t conjure up the most exciting expectations. I can not get away from its communist Eastern European block image, but I joined the trip thinking I knew nothing of the country or the region and was interested to get a truer perspective of what it’s like.

The flight is just over 2 hours from the UK and after another hour and a half transfer we arrived in our hotel for the night. As we arrived early evening we were surrounded by darkness so, so far I had seen nothing of the country apart from a shiny new airport.

Darn Camara

Hi Every body.

If there is any one who went on the Adventure nepal trip with us (Hana and Graham Warren, Honeymooners) in October 2010 could you please  help us. As you know our camara broke half way on the trip and were trying to track you all down (aha ha ha ha) to see if any one has any photos of us or particularly great scenic photo's that you may wish to share so we can finish up our Wedding/Honeymoon photo albums.

If any one could help we would really apprieciated. 

Love to you all and thanks again for the great memories.

Graham and Hana

Trains, plains and game drives

My first trip to Africa: I really wanted to avoid the crowds and see some real life before chilling out and doing nothing for a few days.

Cuba libre!

People have been saying for years now that you have to go to Cuba before it changes and this is definitely true.  Its culture and political system are completely unique in the modern world.  It is starting to change slowly bringing more positive changes for the Cuban people but it is still in a world of its own.  I was constantly amazed by all the elegant classic cars on the roads and how they are still running after all of this time!

On Safari

Tanzania is famed for its safaris so Nicola Jackson takes a less crowded route for an undiluted and multisensory African adventure on the mainland before finishing with an island hop to sultry Zanzibar.

We ate lunch overlooking a lion's buffet. About 30 antelope were grazing at the lake's edge, their plump hides contrasting gold with the salad-green lily pads. It was deliciously quiet. I thought about the predatory lioness we had been tracking just ten minutes earlier, but I bit my lip and perched near the bonnet, occasionally scanning the grass for a twitch of feline ears.

Everest Base Camp Trek - 4th November 2011

Just a blog to chat to those who are on the same trip and also to speak to others about any Do's and Dont's whilst on the trip.

My Girlfriend and I had a deal last year that I picked last years holiday and she could pick this years...... Everest!!!

First of all this is my first Blog EVER!!! and secondly this will be my first 'Group Style' Holiday.

I open this up for anyone who can share any thoughts and opinions on the up and coming 'Ramble'!!!! and any other fellow '4th November 2011' trekkers!!.....

Tracking in Tanzania

Ruth Bridger who won our writing competition at the end of last year tells us all about her Tanzanian adventure...

Spectacular Syria

Welcome to the most ancient city on earth. To a land of sand and souks, where travellers are seldom seen and you can slip through the narrow alley ways into treasure-filled bazaars; stand in fountain courtyards and feel suddenly, as if you’ve stepped back in time.