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The trip to Zanzibar

Oh no, the airport is a massive tree that has a roof made out of bamboos sticks and it looks like a wooden bus shelter, time to use the facilities and go a loo in the outdoor toilet! In flies what looks like a toy plane but in reality is really a small charter plane that seats eight people at the most. Will it be able to take our luggage as well, or should we just leave it behind? I am trying so hard to be brave. What can I do to take my mind off the roaring noise of the engine except stare at the pilot and hope the weather is good for him today? After an hour and an half we arrive in Zanzibar in one piece, hurrah!

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2. Gentle
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Zanzibar & Selous (2013)

Africa, Tanzania | 14 days
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Zanzibar beach hotel
Real off the beaten track adventures in Tanzania including superb game viewing and Zanzibar relaxation.

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