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A tour of China

I love traveling and was excited to find a single travel company that did tours of China. I was nervous and excited at the thought of meeting new people and seeing a new country within the safety of a group. I met with my fellow travelers in the VIP lounge in Heathrow and quickly got chatting about our expectations.
On arriving in Shanghai I noticed how humid the climate was, a nice change from the grey and cold UK I had left behind. I found Shanghai amazing, so busy and noisy but so colourful. We moved on to the Yangtze where we went on a 3 day cruise up through the 3 gorges project which was both amazing and sad as many Chinese people that had lived for generations in the same village were being moved to the city as the river would be flood very soon.
We then flew to Xian where the terracota army awaited us. It was everything I expected and more, including the farmer who discovered the army whilst ploughing his field back in the late 70's. He now signs books in the souvenir shop. Beijing was our next stop and at the time, Tianamon square had the countdown to the Olympic. The square was immense and there was a certain atmosphere mainly due to our recollection of the events that had occured in the square in the 80's. The forbidden city was huge, something I hadn't quite expected and was undergoing renovation to make the rooves golder and the walls redder ready for the next year. Then up to the Great Wall at Badling. I hadn't prepared myself for the emotion I would feel as I ascended the wall and looked down. This was a moment I had dreamt of and I was overcome with a sense of achievement that I had actually got myself here and was experiences something that many people can't.
Of all the days spent in China, the most memorable is of a park we visited in Beijing. Many people who had been moved from the homes for the 3 gorges project had been placed in this city. Family and friends had been moved apart and into high rise buildings. The park was where they all met back up. There was all sorts of activities going on from ballroom dancing to Mahjong to musician practicing for the Beijing opera. What amazed me the most about being there was the overwhelming feeling of love and how well everyone welcomed us, offering to let us sing and dance with them. On another occasion we stopped at a farm in the hills. The farmer came out to greet us and welcomed us into his house, which was made from mud, straw and stone. He didn't want anything from us, he just wanted to meet other cultures.
I have to say, on getting in the plane to come home, I was looking forward to food other than Chinese but it did make me realize how lucky we are with our diet in the UK.
I brought back some beautiful gifts including a hand made embroidery on silk which is framed and on my wall and some statues made out of tree root which are now sold in Harrods. Of all my holidays, this was by far the most amazing, culturally significant trip I have done to date and definitely somewhere I would like to return to but this time with my new partner.

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Epic China

Asia, China | 22 days
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Naxi woman
A magical journey seeing the very best of China.

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