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The time is moving fast now

Although we gain another 2000ft day 3 seems like a breeze in comparison to day 2. It sadly though as we loose our first climber, too sick to continue he is sent down the mountain, we all feel terrible for him, and scared it may happen to us, a little quieter than usual we all set off. We leave our surroundings of heather and enter the moorlands, where prehistoric looking plants rise up from the dust (which is now in every pore of my body!) we pass caves carpeted in grass and climb up through rocky breaches to reach our next camp.

Welcome to the mountain

Head still spinning from my excursion I return to my hotel for my kit check and final briefing before the mountain. Time to focus! Back to Kilimanjaro!

Amazing safari

I am excited to share some amazing moments with you that we had on Delta to Vic Falls tour, it was a journey of a lifetime.

Mount Sinai & Monastery

A few hours later we all arrived at the bottom of Mount.Sinai. We all set off in the dark together. Zee had told us to wear lots of layers and however hot we got not to take them off. However I don't think this was good advice because I know everyone in my family got so hot they had to take layers off and even then they were still really hot! But if you are going on this trip, take layers with you just in case!! In the four hour climb there were several rest stops where we could sit and have a drink and chocolate.

Camel ride and snorkelling

Today we had a cmael ride and snorkelled in The Blue Hole. The day started by changing from our minibus into two jeeps - ours did not have a door at the back so we could see out. We stopped at a professional snorkelling/divers loan shop and tried and got all of our equipment (included in the cost). We then drove some more and arrived at a restaurant where we ate our breakfast. After we had all finished we got our cmaels. Mine was really big and kind looking. We had to lead them down this hill and then get on them (a very odd feeling!) My camel was really sweet and well behaved.

Ferry to Jordan and Bedouin Camp

We spent a lot of this day travelling. We did have a lovely lie in at the start of the day (11am leave). We then drove to the ferry. We arrived at the port at 7pm. We got off the ferry and met our new guide. We loaded our luggage into the boot - which was good because in Egypt our luggage had just been tied to the roof! Our journey to the Bedouin camp was about an hour and a half. As we drove through Aquaba we saq about 15-20 lorries carrying army tanks on the back of them! When we arrived at the Bedouin Camp it looked stunning. It had all been lit up using paper bags and cnadles.

Travel to St Katherine

Todady we had an even earlier start because we were leaving at 8am for our eight hour drive to Sinai. We started off by going to the bank,which took a while because we couldnt find one that worked. We also visited the market (more like a garage shop)to get our lunch for the day. There were several stops during the day for food/toilet breaks. Unfortunately there was a bug going round and one boy even had to go to hospital. We arrived in the dark at our hotel near Mount Sinai. Dinner was welcomed before Zee, our tour guide told us that we would get a wake up call at 1am.

Pyramids, Sphinx, Papyrus Museum and Cairo Egypt

After a noisy, but comfortable nights sleep we were woken by our 8am wake up call. As we were on a tight schedule is was breakfast at 8:30am and after a quick talk with the head of The Adventure Company for Egypt it was time to leave to the first out of three main things we were going to do today - The Pyramids and Sphinx. Our group decided that we would give a 'kitty' of money to our tourguide so he would take care of all the tips. After a short drive we arrived at the Pyramids. Our guide was very informative and used roleplay to help us understand who the pyramids were built for.

Flight to Egypt

We had an early 5.15am start to the day. We drove to Heathrow and boarded our flight to Egypt. Around 5 hours later we landed and after collecting our bags we met the other people on our tour. Altogether there were 6 kids, 5 boys and me, the only girl! We all climbed into the minibus (our transport whilst we were in Egypt)and after an hour and a half drive we arrived at our hotel in Cairo. 

Adventure in Nepal