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Stone Town - Zanzibar

Going around the former slave market sight was hunting especially trying to imagine how fifty people were confined in a room so small that it would be classed as a child’s bedroom in the UK. The atmosphere was eerie, like spirits were never put to rest there and they were still calling for help as they were shackled together without food or water for three days before being sold off, if they were strong enough to still be alive. ‘Kumbukumbu Ya Historia Ya Watumwa’ means memory for the slaves. The market is a mixture of fruit and spices that hang in the air; cinnamon, pepper, chillies, that is strong enough for me to feel like I am eating them as I walk by.

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2. Gentle
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Zanzibar & Selous (2013)

Africa, Tanzania | 14 days
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Zanzibar beach hotel
Real off the beaten track adventures in Tanzania including superb game viewing and Zanzibar relaxation.

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