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South East Africa Explorer

After following the Trade Route through Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique we arrived in Tofo – a vibey coastal town with white beaches, warm waters, a small local market and, above all, ocean safari’s – the opportunity to go snorkelling with whale sharks!

We headed out to sea in search of one of these beautiful giants of the ocean. We were soon in luck and the captain gives his call for us to put on our snorkels and fins and dive overboard…

This beauty is a massive 8m long! She was just beneath the surface and we were able to swim along side her as she glided almost effortlessly along.

Some of the more experienced divers swam beneath her while others preferred to keep their distance from this rather large animal!
After some time she took a plunge deep into the clear waters below us. The boat came round to fetch us and we climbed on board again. We were in awe after being in the water with this giant, graceful creature.

As we bobbed along the sea we spotted manta rays, various fish and even a nurse shark overboard. There were 4 more whale sharks each varying in size (they can get up to a whopping 20m long!) We dived with them all several times – the most fascinating being with a curious baby shark who circled the group a few times before heading on.

After 2 hours of interacting with the amazing sea life in the bay we headed back to shore and said good bye to our fantastic captain and skipper. It had been an amazing trip and, although some of us were relieved to be back on shore (it was a bumpy ride at times!), we knew none of us would forget this amazing experience.

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South East Africa Explorer

Africa, South Africa | 23-24 days
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Lower Zambezi - Zambia
A comprehensive overland adventure through South East Africa, travelling through Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and ending in South Africa.

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