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Selous Game Park - the foot safari

We are told who we will be sharing the accommodation with at the lodge and I am really glad to have another room mate. Not because the other girl wasn’t very nice, actually she was lovely. It’s just that her snoring was louder than any lion I could imagine. Wow, what fantastic four poster beds we got and with a proper loo! The next morning at dawn off my group go in search of the animals. I see an elephant looking straight at me and I wonder what he is thinking? His ears are not flapping so I presume he is not angry with us for interrupting his breakfast. The elephant is surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, green, red and straw lies within easy distance. We finally get out of the jeep and start walking, though not before Hessiani tells us the rules of the game park and explains that the ‘man with the gun’(ranger), will be coming along too. That morning we saw Impalas, Zebras, Elephants, Warthogs and Vultures that were busy guarding a dead animal. The animal had no eye socket and blood and guts were there for any creature to see. That’s the beauty of Africa, you observe Mother Nature at its rawest. The vast bulk of the reserve consists of open grassland interspersed with trees and then small lakes. Tsetse flies attacked our jeep when we got back on and my fellow explorer slapped me hard on the back to kill as many of them as she could. Let’s say they were hard to kill! Time for breakfast and then a hard earned rest by the pool reading and drinking a cocktail, while I’ll get ready for the next game drive in search of the animal I have always loved, the lion.

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2. Gentle
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Zanzibar & Selous (2013)

Africa, Tanzania | 14 days
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Zanzibar beach hotel
Real off the beaten track adventures in Tanzania including superb game viewing and Zanzibar relaxation.

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