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Arabian Nights

Lying in the sand outside our camp for the night, gazing up at the sky searching for shooting stars, I was handed a small stone-like object. This Wadi Rum rock is like something from space we agreed. It was the lightest little stone I’d ever touched and I handed it around the group. Rob was not convinced however and shone his torch on my pebble. ‘No, that’s definitely faecal matter’ Rob declared. It seemed we had been lying next to a pile of dried camel droppings.

Morocco makes mountaineering easy

I hadn't really considered Morocco as a viable destination when I was looking to embark on a trekking trip. Like many people, my first ports of call when I scoured the internet for exciting mountaineering holiday ideas were Tanzania and Nepal. Both are famous for their monstrous peaks - Kilimanjaro and Everest - but once I chanced upon a review of Morocco's Atlas mountains, my decision was made.

Visit Vietnam for a real family adventure

Searching for the ideal place to take a family holiday really doesn't need to be stressful, well it isn't in my household anyway. Both my partner and I had always dreamt of spending a few weeks in the beautiful country that is Vietnam, so at least we were always singing from the same hymn sheet.

The Sahara desert: Where better to get away from it all?

Everyone knows the feeling that you get when work is getting on top of you, people are trying your patience, or your favourite football team has just been beaten again. You are often left standing amid the chaos of the UK urban rat race thinking: "I wish I could get away from it all".

I've gone through this episode on a number of occasions and recently I bit the bullet and took some time off to recharge the batteries. I needed an escape, somewhere that was the complete polar opposite to the monotony of nine-to-five Britain. I was headed for the Sahara desert.

The Amazon or not to Amazon?

What a perfect end to a breath taking trip.  I’d cruised Lake Titicaca, walked the Inca Trail and seen Machu Picchu in all its glory.  Did I want to go home – no!

After saying goodbye to my group that I had spent the last week with, I joined another group of people who had been travelling on other Adventure Company trips.  There were 12 of us in total, some had been trekking the High Inca Trail others has spent 3 weeks taking in the sights and sounds of Peru.

My Experience of a Cuba Holiday

Ever wondered what a Cuba Holiday would be like? Read this blog from one of our travellers to see their curiosity and what they found exploring Cuba.

"I’d heard so much about this Caribbean Island and was intrigued to find out about the post-revolutionary social structure and couldn’t wait to see the architectural wonders of the pre-revolutionary period. I'd also heard great things about the walking, the waterfalls and the beaches.

India: Exploring the great north/south divide

On my way to India, I never really thought too much about there being a noticeable north/south divide in the Asian country. The UK is renowned for the distinct differences between the two areas, but I was surprised to find a similar situation in India.

Everest Base Camp: Experiencing the real Nepal

We all know the famous saying: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". I tend to take this pearl of wisdom with me when embarking on any adventure holiday, so when in Nepal, I will endeavour to do as the Nepalese do.

Up in the Clouds

It was finally here, we were packing our 7kg duffle bags, ready to take on the challenge of the Inca Trail.  There was apprehension and anxiety within the group, all of us doing this challenge for different reasons!  Even though we all had gone through the trip notes with a fine tooth comb no one really knew what to expect or what to pack!

South America leaves holidaymakers spoilt for choice

Having been lucky enough to travel to plenty of European holiday hotspots as a kid, I was left with a rather nice dilemma once I started to go abroad on my own. I desperately wanted to broaden my horizons and take in new, exciting cultures that I hadn't come across before, as well as sample breathtaking scenery that you just can't find in Europe. South America seemed to tick all the boxes.