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Realm of the Maya (RM)

This trip starts with four days in Mexico then moves to Guatamala with a 2 day foray into Honduras to see Copan.  This looked the most interesting itinerary of those on offer in this region with beautiful scenery, plentiful wildlife (especially birds) and interesting Sanish Colonial cities in addition to the tour of the major and some interesting minor Mayan sites and we had a great time. Our excellent bilingual tour leader, Chris (ex-pat Brit domiciled in Peru) and there only being three of us (thank you Adventure Company for not cancelling the trip despite late cancellations) added to our enjoyment.   The route involved some quite complex travel arrangements but these worked like clockwork with boats and mini-buses waiting for us.  And the people we met were almost universally pleasant and welcoming.  Highly recommended. 

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Cultural & Nature
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Realm of the Maya

Americas, Guatemala, Mexico | 16 days
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Tikal pyramids - Guatemala
Discover jungles, lakes and mysterious Mayan civilisations

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